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Seriously addicted to nicotine lozenges   Quit Aids

Started 10/19/19 by schmemily; 719 views.

From: schmemily


Hey all,

I am very scared.  I quit June 30, 2018 but have been using some form of NRT since.  My lozenge use became out of control 6 months after quitting.  I couldn’t believe how effective they were at quelling craving, but they were better than cigarettes at giving me a mental charge.  Now I’m having terrible stomach issues and throat is sore.  Can’t help thinking I’m more prone to cancer than I was smoking for 25 years (3/4 pack/day).  I think I ingest 7-10, 2mg, lozenges per day.  How the heck do I get out of this?? Patches make me itch and consequently fall off, many times in embarrassing situations!  But maybe that is the way so The release can be titrated vs. my addict brain trying to control my behavior.  Also my withdrawals are very intense, I feel disconnected to the moment, extremely irritable or sad.  I would be grateful for any advice or a partner to get off these with me.  Thank you!

You have already proved you can stop smoking cigarettes so use the same mindset. Distraction, drink ice water and deep breathing. Chew on mint gum brush your teeth or use mouthwash to keep that fresh breath. Do deep yoga breathing, you've got this! Stop the cycle by substituting other things. We exsmokers are creatures of habit so get into a good habit. Get outside and start doing long walks or short runs to distract your thinking and get healthy. Keeping busy helps you get your mind thinking of other stuff instead of doing impulsive behaviors. We are all able to break free so believe in yourself! Quit buying the lozenges and by the way cigarettes are way worse for you. Stop poisoning yourself with any form of nicotine. Good luck.

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013


From: turtles


Maybe start cutting back by subbing some other lozenge alternating with the nrt till you can quit


From: ModAndrea


Hi, Schmemily!

While a sore throat and nausea/indigestion are common side effects of nicotine lozenges, I appreciate your concern and totally support your decision to quit using the lozenges.

It would be a good idea to have a talk with you physician to discuss your health concerns and get advice on ceasing use of the lozenges.

Debbie is right. You quit smoking cigarettes, and you can quit the nicotine lozenges, too.




From: Gwenivere5


I’ve been on the lozenges for over 10 months now.  I always mention it to my docs and they all say 'better than smoking'.   I struggle too with the fact I am not a smoker but still an addict (tho without nicotine we are always recovering addicts).  I wish I had some wisdom for you.  I’m using about 4 2mg lozenges a day plus half a 7mg patch.  The quit coaches told me we only get about 1 true mg from the lozenge.  

I’m quite torn on taking on another quit as life is very stressful right now.  I feel that makes a huge difference for success.  Reading your post sounds stressful.  Maybe some mental prep and more acceptance?  I’m certainly no expert.  But, you aren’t alone, maybe that helps some.


From: Belinda2019


Well done on your quit! That’s amazingly impressive!!

Have you thought about finding a candy or sweet substitute that is similar in taste / texture to the nico lozenge and cutting down gradually that way?




Hello.   I so identify. During one of my quits I used lozenges.  Did not need cigs as i used lozenges instead.  The result was i used so many I ended up in casualty with a massive panic attack.  

Sorry I have gone on----just hoping you will see lozenges are not a saviour (like I did).

You  are obviously determined to quit. I wish you only good vibes for your quit.

Aussie Viv

Quit 24 Aug 19