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15 days into the quit journey    Quit Support

Started 10/27/19 by nomoresmokes; 3179 views.

From: nomoresmokes


hey Viv.. so cool to see someone a little bit ahead of where I am at. Cant wait to reach the 2 months and to see you get to 4 months!


From: JohnsonFu


Let’s do this nomoresmokes.

i am checking in to this forum Everyday to stay focus on my quit. 

how are u feeling today. Hope everything well! 

kicking some cigg butt


From: Belinda2019


Hey guys - just wondering how you’re going? Hope you’re still hanging it tightly relaxed

CC to JohnsonFu

From: Haajas75


You have one on one support right here we nearly have same quit date although I'm 44 years old so you got me beat by 12 years on giving this habit the boot I smoked since 16   1-1)2 to 2 packs a day

Join the nope wagon

Welcome aboard


From: SusanK1960



I was reading thru some messages and came to yours.  I quit smoking around the time you did, which means you are 5 weeks not smoking.

Like you, I “caved” at 3 months my last quit, 5 years ago.  I had never heard of the icky threes until I found this forum, which is both informative and frightening for me.

I hope you are still doing well on your quit journey.

Hi Susan, I've been quit for over 6 years but I still remember the struggle to get through those agonizing first six months. I have my quit story under the journals folder and kept a log every day as to what symptoms I had, how many cravings their strength and intensities etc. I found this forum gave me the ongoing support all along the slow journey as long as you just keep posting even in other threads and supporting others because it will help solidify your own quit.

Keep a No Fear Attitude and refuse to let anything or anyone sabotage your quit. Reread your reasons to quit over and over and keep Denims quotes running through your brain. 'One leads to thousands more', and tell that nicotine monster to aahh shut up every time he screams at you to smoke. After all,your sensitive lungs need time to heal since you stopped choking them with those poisonous cigarettes.

Addiction is ugly and we are drug addicts addicted to the most addictive drug ever invented and those cigarette manufacturers made sure we stayed hooked by adding other addictive substances during the manufacturing process. We all paid dearly with both our health and our wealth. I've saved over $14,000 since quitting and we went on several great vacations since my hubby and I quit.

All through my first year I listened to the long term successful quitters who said that it takes 3-4 months to get into the quit mindset and feel the blues lift a bit (a type of peace in the quit) because some nicotine receptors have shut down which will continue at different intervals throughout the first year. Hang in there but don't fear anything as this is the best gift you could ever give yourself. Those jittery nerves and anxiety will all fade away once you get free. Smile every time you get through another crave and be proud to be a quitter. You can do this too!

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013


From: nomoresmokes


Hey Johnson,

How is your quit journey going? Glad to hear we are on the same timeline. Would be great to know where your at, hope you're having a good week so far


From: nomoresmokes


Hey Belinda,

Just hit 40 days. Going strong on the craving side of thing and really have a good handle on the quit. Mainly the anxiety and low mood that comes and goes it the most difficult atm. Feel like I used smoking to hide my emotions and now they are all in the open for me to deal with. It's a journey of self discovery and each day it's kind of starting to make more sense and be a little bit easier, but I definitely still have moments during the day which are difficult. How are you going with your quit?


From: nomoresmokes


Definitely all aboard the NOPE wagon love the name by the way.

44 is still a great age to quit - How are you finding everything? I hope you are staring to see the benefits


From: nomoresmokes


Susan I've quit for 3 months twice this year and fell for the just one. It feels like this whole year has been dealing with withdrawel and it has definitely been tiring. But it has taught me the lessons to make this one stick.

We have a quitline here in Australia and they say it does take learning the just one lesson first hand for most people to get a successful quit. Guess I'm just a slow learner But we are getting there!