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Extra Help   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started 11/8/19 by Tjs1599; 383 views.

From: Tjs1599


I am new to this forum and so glad I found it....I am 7 days nicotine free.  It has been so hard with the stomach issues and sleep not making any sense at all (if I get any).  I am just looking for some extra support as I go day by day.  I HAD smoked for 40 years as of 7 days ago and going cold turkey.  Cravings aren't bad at all YET.  I truly have no desire to lite one up.  I am just having emotional and physical issues.  Stomach pains, gas, bloating on and off for the last 7 days.  My emotions are all over the place at times.  I sat in the hot bath last night and had the best cry after I discovered this forum.  Everything I read helped me through last night and just wanted to say thank you all out there.  I can do this I know but I also know that I need support from others that have gone through this.  NOPE.....any words of wisdom how to calm the stomach? How long does this persist?  Thank you again for the help getting through last night. : )

Brenda (1sept19)

From: Brenda (1sept19)


Welcome Tjs,

I am only a couple months ahead of you and had all the same issues at first.  All perfectly normal but can be hard to get through at times.  Just hang in there, it does get better.  Our bodies are going through some major healing and detox when we quit so this is all a good thing.  May not seem like it right now !  unamused Take it one day at a time and let time be your friend, there are much better days coming.

ModMarge (slowblumer)

From: ModMarge (slowblumer)


Hi there Tjs

Welcome to the forum.  This is the place you can come all during your quit to read and vent and meet other quit buddies to get you through the hard times.    I suggest you go to the November Ex-Smoker's group if you haven't.  Begin at the very beginning and read everything.  The information and links are invaluable.   I smoked as long or longer than you and this forum made the difference in me being able to quit smoking.  You can do this.

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From: MarkOU812


Hey Tjs


39 years for me, almost 4 weeks quit. If you can find them they make ginger lozenge or hard candy. Good for the stomach and something to suck on. Do try to get sugar free, processed sugar is a trigger. Or diet ginger ale should help also. Read read reread and post. Keep the faith 

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From: Jonny84


Hi There!  Its actually pretty funny - So This time when I am quitting - I have had stomach issues too.  I was worried that I would gain a bunch of weight - but i'm down about 5lbs.  I have been sick - so that  might contribute a bit.  I am just drinking water and eating when I feel like it.  If it settles oddly - I have tums.  That's really about it.   It seems like my appetite is better in the am.  Hang in there - I'm 2 weeks today and on the step 3 patch.  I'm feeling your pain!!  It will get better!!


From: MarkOU812


I lost 15. Hope that holds and I lose another 10, but I'm not trying. Giving the body what it wants right now.


From: Deluz


Ginger tea

Peppermint tea

Go you!!!!

In reply toRe: msg 7

From: Tjs1599


Love the peppermint tea idea....Headed to the store now.  Thank you.