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Help with the BS of quitting smoking   General Chit-Chat

Started 11/9/19 by Kirk71; 361 views.

From: Kirk71


I should be upfront and let everyone know that this is my first post. I have not smoked for 3 months. This post might be a bit of a raging whine-fest, so you have been warned.

I know quitting was the right thing to do, but good lord I have felt like nothing but crap ever since.  I work out and consider myself to be in good shape, but now I fight with shortness of breath every day. I have meds to help with that, but talk about the most frustrating BS I've ever dealt with.  Never had this issue when I was smoking, so what gives?

My chest hurts, I want to eat everything in sight (I don't though) and all in all I feel worse than I did when I was smoking a pack a day.

The biggest thing that is effecting my life is how short tempered I get....and over the stupidest things. I have never had an aggressive personality, but I sometimes even scare myself with how easily I can lose my temper. Does anyone have any suggestions?  I am questioning myself as to why the hell I quit in the first place. Does the rage and anger go away?  Does breathing be better?  Is this my damn lot in life?

Suggestions and help....please!

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From: slowblumer


Hi Kirk,


The 3rd month can be just awful.   I was so down at 3 months that everyday was a struggle.  But, slowly it improved one day at a time.   Keep going and do not give up.

Why Am I Craving Cigarettes 3 Months After Quitting?

Why do I still miss smoking months after quitting? Will I always feel this way and what can I do to get out of this funk?

Will I Always Miss Smoking?

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Brenda (1sept19)

From: Brenda (1sept19)


Hi Kirk,   I am only at a little over 2 months, but hope I can help in some way.  I have read that the lungs are one of the bodies only self cleaning organs and they will try to clean themselves up to a year.  Your lungs could be just trying to clean out all the gunk.  If you are worried though, I would get a doctors opinion.  I don't know how long you smoked, but going back to smoking definitely is not going to do you any good physically.  As for wanting to eat everything, that is definitely normal.  Right now we are going through some major healing, both physically and mentally.  Our bodies no longer have the appetite suppressant, we are junkies and think we need something, anything, food included. This too will normalize with time.  Keep taking it one day at a time and let time be your friend.  You are healing and that is amazing.  You are doing so well, keep going and don't give up.  Be proud of those 3 months.

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From: QuitJul19


I was very angry all the time yelling the first time I tried quitting. I lashed out at anything and everything except at work. Anxiety was through the roof plus depression. I'll be honest, I had to get some meds to help this time because I couldn't live that way. Those with the patch plus an attitude adjustment towards quitting have made things better this go. 120 days today and the 12th will be 4 months. The third month is hard and things should start to ease up after the fourth month. I have just been starving for a couple of weeks now and in the beginning I didn't want to eat at all. This quitting takes us for quite a ride physically and emotionally. A visit with your doctor may be helpful to check things out and maybe get something to help calm down. Hang in there and don't give up!! You're doing great even if you feel like poop.

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The anxiety of the quit is Real Nasty! You have only been quit three months and you certainly cannot expect to feel normal yet as this is the wickedest drug addiction to get free from. If quitting was easy, everyone would be quit. The shortness of breath and feeling crappy will all go away slowly very slowly. There is no rushing this its just putting lots of quit time behind you. Your brain chemistry was changed once you got hooked but getting unhooked is the hard part as this addiction is intertwined with memories, emotions and time, this is why it takes a year or more till we can live life as an exsmoker. Do not go back to smoking because your lungs will eventually get emphysema or lung cancer and you'll regret still having the ugly habit (drug addiction). Your breathing will get better and as for that anger- blame it on those cigarettes as they did this to you. We made cigarette manufacturers rich at our expense. Well no more! We are all going to fight hard for our freedom! No more excuses! Keep a No Fear Attitude and stay on course. Be proud to be free -- keep going no matter what crap this addiction throws at you. It truly will get better!

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!' I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013


From: Kirk71


Thank god I have a wife who lets things roll off her shoulders, but the anger thing is annoying.  But I will keep fighting the fight. I honestly don't crave the nicotine. What I crave, as you pointed out is the memories and associations with smoking.  That will be the hard part.  Thank you for the advice!

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When that anxiety, jitters and anger hit me, I would go and punch pillows or do jumping jacks something anything to shock myself. Cigarettes screwed up our nervous system, engrained itself in our every emotion, thoughts, and daily activities throughout all the different holidays and seasons so this is why it takes a year or more to make new nonsmoking memories. Make some fun memories with your wife and tell that nicotine monster to aahh shut up! Keep Going!!

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013