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Icky 3’s   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 11/10/19 by Lainie (elaineadele); 602 views.
Lainie (elaineadele)

From: Lainie (elaineadele)


Does it really get better after the 3rd month?


From: SenseiShido


It gets better every day.  It may not feel like it at the time, but yes.  You will count days, sometimes hours.  You will get hit from out of nowhere with a crave and then it will pass.  There will come a time where you will go..."Wow I didn't think about smoking once yesterday"  or "Wow i forgot about smoking for the last 2 hours"  You will go to a movie and sit though it and when it is over you will leave the theater and wonder....wow I didn't want to smoke halfway through the movie.

Yes it does get better and a little easier.


From: AsadAKhan


yes it does. However sometime it goes a bit over 3 month as in my case I will say I got peace at around 3.5/4 months. 


From: alreadysick


It did not for me. I am at about the 4.5 month mark and am finally feeling some peace. I'm not totally without thoughts and still have some cravings. I think it is definitely different for all individuals. Time is the best defense we have. Take it day by day. 


Killed the beast 7/9/19

Lainie (elaineadele)

From: Lainie (elaineadele)


Just wondering, when you say you felt peace, wasit all at once or gradually?


From: DebraAnne60


This is a good question.  I think it comes a little bit at a time and gradually builds.  Like Shenseido said,  one day you realize  "Wow I didn't think about smoking once yesterday"  or "Wow i forgot about smoking for the last 2 hours".  I think this peace expands everyday until it becomes an all the time thing with only the odd craving coming up, until not even the odd craving happens.   Peace