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19 days in   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started 11/25/19 by fran555; 608 views.

From: fran555


I used this site for my fist quit some years back and found it helpful. Some years later I relapse and here I am once agin — 19 days into my quit with the standard challenges 


From: 48yrsmokin


Stick with this again fran. Just say NOPE to the SMOKE. Everyone On here has helped me out here with there posts at 1 time or another . Started here myself about day 10 of my quit and been here on and off for my 40 day quit. Got a bad day going come and read. Helps me out. I don't have to tell you what your going to experience if you quit before. So just go for it and lean on the forum There's always someone else going thru the same problems.  Just say NOPE. and hang on for the ride.


From: Ovivi


Welcome back Fran! We are all going through what you are. Remember, you’re worth it! Fight for the right to breathe clean air, to feel good, and to hold your head up high because you value yourself too much to give into that terrible nicotine addiction! The only thing you get from smoking is more need to smoke! What a racket it is. You can do this for yourself, because you’re worth it.
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Brenda (1sept19)

From: Brenda (1sept19)


Ovivi said:

The only thing you get from smoking is more need to smoke!

Never has a truer statement been made !!


From: lindnog


Hi Fran,

welcome back to this forum. I had a relapse and came back here a little while ago. I’ve just passed my 3rd month being smoke free.

Just remember to be kind to yourself you really can do this. You know how much better life is without choking yourself each day. Keep reading and posting.