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January 2020 Ex-Smokers   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 12/3/19 by ModDee; 76042 views.

From: Dee0517


Hi Mod Marge,

Thanks so much for the list of encouragements. I really needed to read them. I’m almost at 4 months but I still struggle everyday. Some days are worse than others but the last week as been very tough due to a family crises. My stress level is so high right now and in regards to my Son, I don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. Hope I’m wrong and my prayers are answered soon. I take long walks to help with my anxiety and cravings. I keep reminding myself that if I cave and smoke a cigarette, it’s not going to take away my problem or solve it. Not sure why after almost 4 months my mind still plays tricks with me and try’s to convince me that smoking will calm my nerves. I know it’s false because if I do smoke again, the guilt will only make me feel worse.

Thanks again for the words of encouragement. I’m still struggling but I’m going to keep trying one day at a time. Can’t wait for the day when I stop thinking about smoking... 



From: slowblumer


Hi Dee,

I kept that list up in my room and literally had to run to it at times.  4 months is wonderful.  Don't let anything make you smoke. It will just create more stress and will not help the situation.   Stress is a major trigger and I mean major.  if possible go to a quiet place , sit and do 10 slow deep breaths.  It can relieve some built up pressure.

I don't know how long you smoked but it is not at all unusual to crave at four months.  I turned a huge corner at 9 months but it is different for us all.  I promise you, by one year it will improve vastly.  Stay here and read and post.

How to Stay Smoke-Free In Times of Extraordinary Stress


From: NoTobac


Thanks for reposting this list ModMarge. I've copied and pasted it. I've got my quit scheduled for next Wednesday or Thursday and I'm sure I'll be using this list a lot!!!  


From: slowblumer


Well then, you might like this list and build on it for yourself. 

How to Know if You've Got Quitter's Flu

When Quitting Makes It Hard To Sleep


From: NoTobac


Thanks. I'm checking out everything I can get my hands on! smile

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From: ModAndrea


Hey, January 2020 Ex-Smokers!

I know how tough these first few days can be. When I first quit smoking, I stuck close to the forum, reading everything I could.

I highly recommend the posts you'll find in the folders from the column on the left -

 Dots and Stars Milestones


One Year and Beyond Milestones   f

These are written by forum members in celebration of weeks, months, and years smoke free. Here's one from Molly.

Have a wonderful smoke free day! I'm glad you're here. blush




From: Lubbercat


I have now passed 4 days and celebrating every minute. Had one of my grand kids here last night and most of today so that made it easier. Now working on getting things done, waiting on the washer to get finished. I might take off tomorrow and go on an adventure if the weather is decent. I figure that will help pass the time or maybe start some crafts. 

Hang in there, we've got this


From: cherbearquit


Dee, I am so sorry you are dealing with so much stress. Stress can definitely cause cravings to return. I once caved due to stress during a previous quit after 8 months. I hated myself for that! And smoking did not solve the problems, so please stay strong and remember NOPE! Stay close to the forum for support and know that we care and are here for you!


From: elviralives


I just made the complete final decision that I will quit. I'm a closet smoker and only smoke in one place, my porch hidden away from everyone. So this means I can go all day without touching or thinking about a smoke. Until it gets time to head home and I think, wow, my book, a glass of wine (sometimes, sometimes not) and a smoke sounds like heaven now.  So, am I addicted or just created a really horrible bad habit? Regardless, whichever is easier to overcome is what I'll call it.  And I need to stop.  I feel so stupid. This post isn't directed to any one person but all.  I need the support and can be a good support to others as well.  I'm ready to start this.  Challenge accepted.