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January 2020 Ex-Smokers   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 12/3/19 by ModDee; 76092 views.
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From: ModDee


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From: ModDee


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From: ModDee


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From: slowblumer


Hi there NoTobac,

Welcome to the forum.  I am sending this post right from the January  Ex-Smokers thread.  

It may be a bit quiet here right now but very soon you will be joined by other quit buddies.  In the mean time start at the beginning and read all you can in the articles.  They are full of tips as well as info on getting around on here.

Congrats on  making that decision to quit.


From: NoTobac


Ok. That answered my question. Thanks bunches! 

I really thought this group would be crowded though since it's the first of the year! LOL. 


From: slowblumer


You may be surprised at just how many may join you.   

Best wishes 


From: ModDee


Hey there Welcome to the forum. 

There are a few others that posted messages in other areas of the forum which is quite alright.  I'll send the calvary and see if I can gather them to let them know that they have company on their own special thread. You too are welcome to explore the forum and jump in any discussion that interests you LOL, but the journey is so much easier when you travel this road with others basically experiencing the same things that you are at the same time. Then then the rest of us ex-smokers can swoop in with our support and advice to help or annoy you depending on your state of mind at the time.

It's great to have you here!



From: suemegan


Hi ! 

Im back on my quest fore a Nope life. After 6 months I had a relapse of one week:(  hopefully the time I was smoke free will be worth it and not totally lost. I have such shame about starting again. Looking forward to success and feeling healthy again


From: Arielle2019


Hi Suemegan, welcome back!! 

I quit three times last year, all together I was smoke free and spared my lungs 6 months in 2019, that is not wasted time. 

Just get back up on that horse again, remember how good it felt to be smoke free and aim to get there again. 

I pray and hope that this is my final quit but I chose to look back and do some changes this time around.

The best part of having already been smoke free is that the fear is not as overwhelming as we know the feeling of freedom that follows heart

Best of luck, you can do it muscle


Stopped poisoning myself 27 december 2019 


From: suemegan


Thank you for your kind words and support.  I really want this quit to work for me. I loved being a non smoker. One day at a time!!!!



From: slowblumer


Hi Sue,

You are back at your quit and that is the only thing that matters.  You can do this.  Many of us that have experienced slips and relapses learn from it and are stronger for it...like you.    Pledge not to smoke one day at a time.