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May 2020 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 12/3/19 by ModDee; 20741 views.

From: Elizaquits


Hey Anthony,

Sorry, I missed this yesterday. Having a lozenge or gum is still better than smoking! How are you feeling now? Not just with smoking but physically, you mentioned that you thought you were coming down with something? I hope you are feeling better! I would think however that being sick as a nonsmoker has to be better than being sick as a smoker. Would you believe that when I was a smoker, I would smoke even while sick? One time I had bronchitis and I still smoked! I couldn't taste it and could barely breathe, but there I was outside smoking! Just goes to show how much of an addiction it really is. 

All the best,



From: Jatchat


Thanks Eliza,

Feeling much better now thanks.

I used to get up get dressed at 2 am in the morning and go to the all-night servo just to get a pack of smokes I shudder to think about that now.

Thanks that that is all past tense now.

Kind regards

Anthony 8 W


From: SusanK1960


Congratulations Deanna!  It is a steady climb for a bit, so keep your focus on dealing with each days trials or tribulations as you have been.  You are doing fabulous!


From: livtoswim


Thanks Susan for your kind encouragement.   One day at a time.  That's all I got.

It's  Friday laundry day.  I will be distracted today because there is a lot of washing to do with 2 dogs it's never ending vacuuming and washing.  

Have a good day today.



From: Loreficent


Happy Anniversary Deanne!

Wow! Strong work! You will have to write and tell of the positive things you are noticing. 
That laundry can wait! Go do something wonderful for and with yourself. 
Have you been walking your dogs more since quitting?

Stay the course!


From: SusanK1960


Congratulations on achieving your 4th star yesterday!  Your tenacity is looking good!  It is a pleasure to be on this journey with you! 


From: JerseyDee


Thank you Susan!!  : ) .. That was very nice of you to acknowledge that.  I do not want to duplicate myself as I just got done writing Lori a long email .. but things have been crazy on my end between things going on with my dad and helping him that taking up a lot of my time and also things are just crazy at work and on top of that mad at a bad hair appt ..

But the quit is going well.  Hung out with non smokers only this weekend so that temptation was not there.  Still on the gum but holding strong.  

I do not know how much time I will have to be on this board right now with all that is going on in my life .. but will try to at least squeeze a few mins in in the early am to at least make my NOPE pledge.

This should be my last week of working full time hours .. thank God as it's all been too much on my back and in a lot of pain.  The new M-W replacement has been in another office training last week and this week then next week her and I will work together a couple of days so I can bring her up to speed on things specific to this office ...

Then THAT should be it .. the week after I should be back to just my Thrs-Fri schedule and give my back and legs a break from sitting so much.  Have knee surgery planned for 8/10 and that sucks in the middle of the summer but is a necessity .. and otherwise hard to believe it's July and that the summer is just getting away from me.

Had a nice time down the shore the other weekend and another friend (a non smoker) and I are planning a day trip down there not this weekend but next.  The sand, the waves .. just so nice to decompress.

I have so much on my mind that I think it is playing tricks on me as last night I found myself sleep walking in the middle of the night .. I do take an RX sleep aid and I wonder if that is messing with my mind as well? .. been up for the day since 4:15 this morning and workout and chores all done and about to jump in the shower and get a move on here.

Had a falling out with a very good friend of mine over the weekend.  A misunderstanding but that is heavy on mind as well .. so my dad, work, hair, and Laura (friend) .. are all taking up my brain space .. but cigarettes are NOT!!

All that said, thanks for reaching out and acknowledging.  Have a GREAT day and talk soon!  - Dee


From: SusanK1960


Hey sweet lady,

Congratulations on 2 stars!  


From: Loreficent



Wow! 2 months today! I’m so happy for you and so proud of you!

This is a very big accomplishment! Hope you treat yourself well today.

Cheers onto month 3! Woohoo!



From: euknight


Oh thank you my sweet girls, Lore and Susan!!!  You guys are so wonderful and seriously make this thing kinda awesome!!!  Course we don’t like the pain but the laughs etc make it just really touch my heart.

Could not do this without y’all.  Love Starfish.  Love fun animals, bugs , birds, rainbow, star.  Was a fabulous day catching up with a few old friends and silky smooth laps in the pool tonight.

Hugs and thanks again


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