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May 2020 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 12/3/19 by ModDee; 30176 views.

From: SusanK1960


YAHOO for you, Peggy, 11 months as a not smoker!  That is a fantastic accomplishment!  You have done good! Can’t wait to see you at the clubhouse!


From: euknight


Oh thank you Susan!!  Love the Care Bear.  Very apprapo...really what better self care is there but to quit smoking??  How is everything in NM?  Are you working from home??

Your encouragement means so much.  Thank you again.  Hugs to you




From: Eve1973


Congratulations Peggy!!

You Did It!!!

You made it! You should be so proud of yourself!

Thanks for taking the ride with us! You made the journey a much easier process. Over this year you handled all the trials and tribulations that happened with grace and determination. You didn’t give up and knew that smoking would not take the pain away. Hugs to you on your VERY SPECIAL DAY! 

Any plans today?

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From: MichaelaOana


Dear Peggy, congratulations! And thank you for your kind words and support! 

Thank you all. 

I am one year one week and one day smoke free. 


From: Loreficent



CONGRATULATIONS! hibiscussunflowerroseblossomkissing_heart

I am so so so PROUD of you! Not only that, but so happy and blessed to have met you and the rest of this tribe. Yes, together we are stronger. You have had so many challenges this year, on top of the “norm”. The deaths of so many loved ones...so many heart breaks and tears...and yet...you persevered. Yes, with grace and determination, focus and fortitude, you are here with us one year later. Just wow. I’m very happy to see you make this special milestone. 
Keep showing the World what you are made of Peggy Love. It is truly something special and gifted. 

Love you so much! Dance Peggy dance! Always as if nobody is watching.



From: SusanK1960


Happy First Anniversary Peggy!

Welcome to the 7% club! It has been a pleasure being a part of your journey and to have an enduring connection with people you have only corresponded with, yet share in their happiness, pain, struggles and wins! 

“If I have JUST ONE, I will be back where I started and where I started was Desperately WISHING I could be where I am today.” 

This motto keeps my impulsive-self reminded of my endeavor and also  reminds me of my tribe and forum friends because we have all been there!  



From: euknight


 thank you Susan!,  It has meant so much to me to have your support and the tribe for sure!!  You always have my back and I so appreciate it.  A wise thing to say...like what you just said......

“If I have JUST ONE, I will be back where I started and where I started was Desperately WISHING I could be where I am today.” 

So verrrry true.  That was a miserable place to be just wishing it would go away.   I see so much change, not just physically but mentally.  Nicotine places a REAL veil over the ability to think straight.  I think of all the things I put off to take time out for a smoke.  It really just colors your world in grey.  What a blessing to have all my senses back.  Nico demon stole those too.  The effects are far reaching!!

I still like to hang around smokers...I like the smell, just not on my person, in the car, in the house.  To put one in my mouth would be like cutting off a limb and hearing the heavy metal prison door shut....so to this I have no interest.

This forum is a lifesaver.  Thank you my sweet NM girl for the congrats, for your sobriety and for caring.  

Have a beautiful smoke free day