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January 2021 Ex-Smokers   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 12/31/19 by ModDee; 32125 views.

From: Lubbercat


Congrats to you also on your 1 month!  We are all doing this one day at a time.  I also did the ice cream thing on Sunday.  

I am in OH and I have now accumulated about 10" of snow in my drive.  I am taking this afternoon off work in hopes of getting the drive at least to a place that we can get all the way up the drive.  I have a really long driveway so, it could take a while and by the time I get off work, fix dinner for the family, it is pitch dark for now so, this is my vacation time!  LOL

As long as I don't smoke, all is good!


From: Lubbercat


Congrats to you too on the 1 month.  You should be proud of yourself and you should reward yourself!  

We are all going to be shoveling our way out!


From: overdoze


take your time, it was pretty heavy snow and now temps are dropping meaning its gonna turn into ice, i do love the winter though im one of those weird people.. I have learned to enjoy all the seasons.. Take your time, 

congrats to everyone completing a month.

Overdoz quit 01-4-2021


From: VirgoKrissy


I AM right behind you!  Quit my vape to and I also find myself using the green as a crutch as well.  I guess I still see it as a win because its not nicotine? That ACT thing sounds helpful, I might have to research that! Thanks!


From: DanJF3


It sounds like you have made some good progress since your last post.  Nothing wrong with tapering at all.  For me the psychological aspect of quitting was the hardest so it's good you have conditioned yourself to not vape at times you are accustomed to.  I wish you success as you step away from the vape and absolutely use the gum as you need to.  I'm sure there will be some bumps in the road and craves along the way but stay close to the forum as you stop vaping.  It will help!


From: MDS27


Its good to hear from you again - thanks!


From: Lubbercat


Thanks.  Got the drive done with a little help from a friend and a nice snow blower.  Of course, it was just what is on top and then we threw salt down this morning in hopes of letting the sun do it's work.  It is a very heavy wet snow on the ground for sure.  

I grew up in MI so, kind of used to the snow but, hate the traffic and hassle of it all.

Still not smoking and that is the best part!  


From: gkim


MD, that’s great! You’re now on your way. You are so ready and strong! 


From: Glammy2016


Its still a rollercoaster. Im also learning how important my changed routine is. I didnt follow it yesterday morning and I was off the entire day. Feeling a bit more zen today. I know its going to be up and down for awhile but I really want to be free. Thanks for the kind words


From: abrewster14


Congrats on another day smoke free. I can only speak for me it’s been 33 days the last few have been way better. But you have to be kind to yourself. This a tremendously hard endeavor. I have had some days that I took it hour by hour. But still hanging in there.