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I need help, support   Quit Support

Started Jan-8 by 3Blackhorses; 995 views.

From: 3Blackhorses


I want to quit, and have tried so many times. I have been here before, however I had to give it up to care for a parent.

I need help, not easy to admit, but here i am.


From: SusanK1960


Hi 3,

Welcome!  Let's start with having you read the first pages in the January 2020 New ex smokers.  Also Allen Carr's EasyWay to Quit Smoking.  These may help you get in the quitting frame of mind.  I included the link.


This is a journey, and it isn't easy.  There are quitters on this forums who have quit cold turkey, NRT, Wellbutrin, or Chantix.  Each of struggle to stay quit.  The goal is forever quit, 1 year at a time.  This forum is here to support your Quit best we can, however, it is a personal journey.

Hope you join us.


From: 3Blackhorses


Hi 1960,

Thank you for a responce and some hope. I really appreciate it. I hope to join and stay with it this time.


From: SusanK1960


It's me again,  I do understand how overwhelming it is thinking about quitting, we all do.  Each one of decided to quit, despite that anxiety, for reason that may personal to you.  I smoked for 40 years, I have tried to quit several times, when something came up and I caved.  This quit, I also have a different, more positive mindset.  I also just focus one day at a time.

It is fear of quitting and fear of smoking.  Ask yourself, which fear is worse. That is why I am quitting cause I didn't want to be mad at myself because "I didn't try hard enough."

Have a good night.

Susan - not smoking since 10/13/19


From: 3Blackhorses


Hi again,

Have a good night as well. I'll read your advice during the night.

Thank you


From: ModAndrea


Welcome back, 3Blackhorses! Congratulations on your decision to quit smoking. Please join others in our newest quit buddy group for the help and support you're looking for.

My best advice is to learn everything you can about this addiction and the quitting process. A great place to start is with the link in the first post titled "Homework for New Ex-Smokers". You'll find a wealth of information.

You can do this, 3Blackhorses! I'm glad you're back. blush




From: Ovivi


Welcome back, 3blackhorses!

I wish you strength and happiness in your quit. Be kind to yourself and take it an hour at a time if you need to. The addictive, poison nicotine will try to seduce you back, but every time you say not now, you get stronger and the addiction voice gets weaker.

You can do this!

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From: 3Blackhorses


Thank you for your support. I need all I can get right now.



From: turtles


Welcome 3Blackhorses, love the moniker. I too when thinking about quitting was really afraid, could not imagine life without cigarettes. What would I do, how could I cope.  Smoking was my go to..for boredom, for stress, to celebrate, for anything!! 

I am 66 and besides wishing that I never smoked, I wish I quit 20 yrs ago. I smoked for 40 years, quit last summer, had “just one “ the end of December and then smoked for three more months.  On April 1 I quit cold turkey.  I’ll admit it was painful but so worth it.  I wanted it to be difficult so I’d remember when I wanted just one.  

I drank tons of flavored ice chip water, sucked on sugarfree hard candies, walked a lot, sucked on starburst and mike and Ike’s, read the quotes I had collected from posts here until cravings passed.  

At 103 days, it got easier...and has been great since.  The occasional thought is easily dismissed and I pray it all doesn’t catch up with me later.  It really is worth it!!  And now, I never think of them to celebrate, de-stress or anything.  In fact the only time I ever think of smoking is while I’m on this site.

here are the quotes I read over and over every time I had a craving until the craving went away.  Good luck, you can do this.

"If I have just one I will be right back where I started; and where I started was desperately wishing I could be where I am today".

In the beginning of the quit the voice of addiction screams loudly and incessantly and then as the days, weeks and months pass it changes tactics and gently seductively says of course you can have just one". Don't fall for it ever again. 

One leads to thousands more!

I'll stay quit cause I never want to go through this again. 


you only have to do one thing to quit......just don't smoke!

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From: 3Blackhorses


Turtles, that was an amazing push, you're right the stress, I have Complex-PTSD, I'm also going through EMDR therapy. It's not a pleasent thing to go through, twice a week. My Dad is dying of Blood cancer. He never smoked a day in his life. I never know when I'll get the call that he has passed. Smoking doesn't help anything, change anything, not smoking can change so many things. What is happening with my Dad will happen, smoking or not, unfortunately that day will come. I wonder when that day comes, if I will have done all of this, just to run out and smoke. Will I be strong enough to stay away from them. The feeling of doom and dread is always there. Not just failing myself again, but everyone else as well. I will read your responce often, to help me get through this. Thank you so much.