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Quitters Jun-ited `11   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 999 views.

From: xvaper


Hi Buddy,

Thank you so much for the encouragement.

I am at the start of my journey, 3 weeks today. I quit before for a few months, then relapsed. I want this time to be for good. Your post is very encouraging. Question, did you get to a point where you have no desire or interest at all? I know some ex smokers who still long for a cigarette now and again, although they have not smoked for years, and some ex smokers that are completely disgusted by cigarettes and don't understand how they could have done it for so long. I want eventually to become the latter of course.

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Hi Xvaper,

Congratulations on your three week quit. As you know from your past attempts, the physical nicotine addiction days are behind you, but what remains (the mental addiction) is the hardest part and that obviously can go on for a very long time. In answer to your question, I found that after 4 or 5 years, I very rarely thought about lighting up. At first the desire was strong, but as the years went on, they diminished. About 6 or 8 months ago I realized that I hadn't had the urge in a long, long time. Then........, about a month ago I had a fleeting moment where I had the urge. It passed within a few seconds, but really surprised me. I remember while I was "over-educating" myself in the early days that I read that we all have receptors in the front of our brain. When one is addicted to either nicotine, alcohol, drugs, food or any other substance, these receptors stay wide open. When the addictive substance is stopped, these receptors eventually go to sleep, but never go away. All it takes to bring them fully awake is to indulge in the substance again, even if it is just one cigarette. I accepted a long time ago that i will always be a "recovering nicotine addict". Knowing that has convinced me to always say NOPE, not one puff ever again. Hope this helps you and good luck on your quit. Remember that you have not failed unless you stop trying to quit. 

Peace, Buddy Clyde


From: xvaper


Thanks Buddy!

for your candidness. It helps to hear other people's experience to know all the range of what to expect.

I agree with you, after having read all the science literature, the receptors will always be there, and you don't mess with that. Lucky for me I am not addicted to anything else ( maybe cream cakes?..) but Nicotine, but Nicotine addiction kicks ass.

I really think this time I am quit for good.

Lately I think of an analogy. I Imagine a car's exhaust pipe, and fitted to it are pipes like a Moroccan Hhukkahs . Now I imagine myself standing there, sucking on the pipe and inhaling the exhaust pipe smoke, because essentially that is what I'm doing when I smoke a cigarette. The image in ridiculous, there is no way I would do that, its disgusting and insane! BUT, what would I do if the exhaust pipe also pumped nicotine into the smoke?....Would I inhale it?

The answer is that, probably yes. So yea NOPE.