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How do you quit when everything triggers you?    General Chit-Chat

Started Jan-22 by salami87; 390 views.

From: salami87



I’m new. I’m trying to quit but everything just triggers me to smoke (flashbacks, bad memories , walking outside, existence, etc). I can’t afford gum or the patch and I’ve been going through a very hard time lately. I have no family and the few friends I do have smoke. I don’t have a strong support system to quit. I’m so addicted I started breaking up cigs and inhaling them in my bong. Every time I reach out for help it’s just a waste of time (therapy/medication included cause I’m ASPD). Wondering if anyone here ever quit solo before without any support? When I try to quit I get very bad flashbacks. I’m reaching out now because I know I’m the type to let this drag on until something bad happens to me (like me and alcoholism in college). 

Hi there salami87,

I have found that folks with mental and emotional disorders have a harder time quitting smoking.  That said, it can be done but it greatly depends on just how much someone wants to quit.  I smoked for decades and almost believed it was impossible to quit....until my breathing became affected and colds started to last for a month and  I felt like a horse was sitting on my chest when I woke in the morning.  I finally got to a point where I wanted to quit more than I wanted to smoke.  That was the tipping point for me where I finally made that decision but I was still scared to death of quitting.  I will also say that without the support that this forum gave me, I don't think I would have made it.  It made a huge difference .  I quit in March of 2015.  To this day I still communicate with my quit buddy's for that month almost every day.

So, can someone quit without support?  Maybe, but with support we have a better chance.  Since you have ASPD, I would think it would best if you discussed quitting with your doctor.  My doc was a big help when I quit.  She put me on a anti depressant and a nicotine inhaler.

Best wishes to you.


From: JEM777


Hey Salami87,

How are you doing? Did you decide to quit? How can we help?



From: Majomar


Hi, Salami.

I understand it is difficult, because of your ASPD and no support system, but I also understood you do have a doctor and/or a therapist to reach out to, just you don't believe it would help? 

The thing is, I think, it can be a waste of time or not, depending on you. I live in a culture and environment where almost everybod smoke and most people don't understand why would you quit. Lung patients smoke in hospitals and their doctors tolerate it. I go to the market and hear things like -"why would you stop smoking, why are you doing it to yourself?" " You won't make it, I tried, no point", " hahah, you'd be better with a pack of cigarettes and not that amount hard candy, it's probably cheaper" and similar. Best case scenario,"oh, you quit, great for you" and then they smoke like 20 cigarettes in front of me. There are people who support me, like... They're glad, but... They don't or can't do anything "actively", it's on me.

So, basically, I think everyone has both good and bad experience with quitting in terms of support, but the decision is only yours. As was the one to come to this forum, which is great. And it will be yours, day by day, maybe take it like that.

You will have hard time, you will have flashbacks, obviously, so just prepare yourself. Do find a therapist but Don rely on him. Rely on yourself. 

I'd start a routine that helps before quitting. Like, I'd start exercising and meditation etc.to prepare and build my own support system (I did it like that).

I think some types of Buddhist meditation could help with ASPD, greatly. You could look into it. 

Good luck!

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From: DebraAnne60


Alone without support.  That's me.  Other than this forum, nobody even noticed that I have quite.  It's my little secret.  I didn't quite for them anyway.  I don't have family other than my son and I dont' have any friends.  I have work colleagues but they are not my friends.  We don't talk or share any time together.  I don't have anyone to answer to and no-one to disappoint - accept myself.  I think that makes quitting easier.  I am not using any nicotine replacements or any drugs either.  I just plain quit and I am sticking to it.  Maybe someone will eventually notice, I wonder how long it will take.  Quite January 1, 2020 .  


From: Ovivi


Well we all notice and commend you for doing the hard thing. You can count on the people in this forum who are committed to living life smokefree for support, Debra Anne!


From: genevieve25


you're an inspiration, I hope you carry on sharing here, you feel like a friend already and I really really need one


From: ModDarrell


I went to my family doctor she put me on chantix , took as directed for 2.5 months , the side effect on this medicine is having bad dreams , I  overlooked the dreams ,been smoke free for almost 10 months , feel great ,smoke for many years, wish you the best ,stay positive, everyday is a challenge.