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QUIT   Quit Support

Started Feb-7 by AliceMay5; 312 views.

From: AliceMay5


Today is 7 February.  The time is 9pm.  I have smoked my last cigarette ever!

God help me.

Appreciate any advice.


From: Lubbercat


Congratulations on your decision to quit.  The first day is hard but, it is doable.......drink lots of ice water through a straw and have lots of mints and sour hard candy handy and you will get through it.  In worst case scenarios, I washed dishes and took baths so my hands were wet or went somewhere that smoking was not allowed like a movie.  Post lots and read a lot.

Good luck, let us know how you are doing.


From: turtles


I am 66 and besides wishing that I never smoked, I wish I quit 20 yrs ago. I smoked for 40 years, quit last summer, had “just one “ the end of December and then smoked for three more months.  On April 1 I quit cold turkey.  I’ll admit it was painful but so worth it.  I wanted it to be difficult so I’d remember when I wanted just one.  

I drank tons of flavored ice chip water, sucked on sugarfree hard candies, walked a lot, sucked on starburst and mike and Ike’s, read the quotes I had collected from posts here until cravings passed.  

At 103 days, it got easier...and has been great since.  The occasional thought is easily dismissed and I pray it all doesn’t catch up with me later.  It really is worth it!!  And now, I never think of them to celebrate, de-stress or anything.  In fact the only time I ever think of smoking is while I’m on this site.

here are the quotes I read over and over every time I had a craving until the craving went away.  Good luck, you can do this.

"If I have just one I will be right back where I started; and where I started was desperately wishing I could be where I am today".

In the beginning of the quit the voice of addiction screams loudly and incessantly and then as the days, weeks and months pass it changes tactics and gently seductively says of course you can have just one". Don't fall for it ever again. 

One leads to thousands more!

I'll stay quit cause I never want to go through this again. 

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From: CindiS319


Those are all great things to think of and I had those very same thoughts.  When I finally stopped romancing the addiction, it seemed doable.  No kidding the first months were tough, but it does get easier.  Like one of our mods always said... "Time is our friend".  Keep up the great work!


From: 1970Flyboy


I am writing this Feb 14.  I hope your quit is going well.  Lots of water - carry it EVERYWHERE!  When the cravings hit - find something to keep you hands and mind busy.  Exercise  gives you a natural high that is almost as good as nicotine.