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Quit Today   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Feb-8 by AliceMay5; 688 views.

From: AliceMay5


Back again and today is THE DAY.   I have been getting to the stage where I am having cravings for a cigarette whilst I am smoking.  Weird huh?  This morning have been reading articles from VERYWELLMIND all about smoking and its affects on your body and also on your appearance.  Wrinkles, graying skin.  They say it also affects your hair giving it a yellowey/gray appearance.  My mother has less wrinkles than me and she is 94.  Have been smoking for 54 years but am now determined to quit and stay quit.  I will go on line to this Forum on a daily basis. Great to hear everyone else's stories.  Gives me hope.


From: Ginger3077


Reading your post I swear I could have written it. Smoked over 50 years. My mother ( non smoker) passed away at 96. I have the wrinkles. I quit 8/1 19 during a road trip with my brother from Washington to New York for high school reunions. Only really bothered me once in awhile in the motel rooms at night. During the day didn't think about it much. I have read every article in very well. Had a scare with my lungs no cancer but having low dose xrays twice a year now. Joined the YMCA I do cross stitching play games on phone. Don't really think about smoking that much but always be on guard. Good luck. If I can do it so can you!


From: Belinda2019


Hi Alice - that’s what drove me to quit too, the cravings whilst smoking...could not believe it!

So, I went cold turkey on 17th October 2019, had been a smoker for 38 years, with some short (up to six months) quits in all that time. Last effort was 2013 - when my marriage ended, went straight back to it and decided I would probably be a smoker for life. 

So I’m now 115 days smober. I’m not going to pretend this is easy, it’s not. There are traps and pitfalls everywhere. Keep yourself busy, remember the 4Ds, visit here as often as you can. If you get the urge to cave, post an sos on here and wait for three replies, the urge will have gone by then. 

And remember NOPE, Not One Puff Ever....

115 Days Smober


From: AliceMay5


Thanks for hearing me.  Not used to conversations on line.  So, I will check in at the end of this day.  NOPE


From: cherbearquit


Wishing you all the best in this journey. Be sure to read all of the articles and posts in this forum. I spent a lot of time reading during the difficult times. Still do when needed. It helps to know you are not going through this alone! Post if you need help or encouragement! Remember to pamper yourself during this time! Wishing you all the best!


From: candrew


Good to hear you are on the road to smoking cessation. It's a huge change for you after 54 years, I am 40+ years  and I'm surprised that we can even breathe. It doesn't take a dumb monkey to tell you what is going on. 

Yup, the physical consequences are sometimes not apparent to us, but other people may see them. I feel guilty smelling he way I do. It's obnoxious  and offensive and it makes me feel like I am a  leper. 

I really don't have ay advice. I have failed 2 times in January and coming in February I have a new date of February 14th, Valentines Day to smoke my last cigarette.

I recommend Allen Carr's book "The Easyway to Stop Smoking". It is a simple to read  and has concrete examples of everything you need to quit smoking.  There are a several sites that  provide similar programs, some are free and some cost.

I wish you the best of luck. Hang in there. We still have our health thank God. 

Good Day



From: turtles


I am 66 and besides wishing that I never smoked, I wish I quit 20 yrs ago. I smoked for 40 years, quit last summer, had “just one “ the end of December and then smoked for three more months.  On April 1 I quit cold turkey.  I’ll admit it was painful but so worth it.  I wanted it to be difficult so I’d remember when I wanted just one.  

I drank tons of flavored ice chip water, sucked on sugarfree hard candies, walked a lot, sucked on starburst and mike and Ike’s, read the quotes I had collected from posts here until cravings passed.  

At 103 days, it got easier...and has been great since.  The occasional thought is easily dismissed and I pray it all doesn’t catch up with me later.  It really is worth it!!

here are the quotes I read over and over till craving left

"If I have just one I will be right back where I started; and where I started was desperately wishing I could be where I am today".

In the beginning of the quit the voice of addiction screams loudly and incessantly and then as the days, weeks and months pass it changes tactics and gently seductively says of course you can have just one". Don't fall for it ever again. 

One leads to thousands more!

I'll stay quit cause I never want to go through this again. 


you only have to do one thing to quit......just don't smoke!

It always seems impossible until it's done.

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  • Edited February 22, 2020 9:51 am  by  turtles

From: AliceMay5


Was okay until today.  Been offline because I was getting a new computer.  Felt very nervous about picking it up.  Turned out I was right, it didn't work like my old computer.  Talked to myself and read every piece of literature I could think of to stave of the certainty that I would drink and smoke.  Did relaxation and meditation, but no change in the way I was thinking. So here I am at 11.00pm still drinking and smoking.  Tried very hard not to do this, but I did.  So here is to a new day.

Thanks for your post, I will certainly take it with deep appreciation.  Have I finished posting.  I don't know


From: DebraAnne60


So you stumbled, doesn't mean you have to give up.  Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move forward.  But you have to want to quit.  I mean really want to quit.  Do you?  


From: AliceMay5


Yes I do want to really really want to quit.  BUT life is throwing me curve balls at the moment.