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Recently Quit ... Looking for Support    General Chit-Chat

Started Feb-9 by AndrewASH; 366 views.

From: AndrewASH


Greetings all , happy to come onboard as a quitter:) 

 I decided 5 days ago that after 15 years it was time to call it a day. I ran up to the closest store and purchased nicorette gum as I have heard of the stories of nicotine withdrawals and wanted to be prepared. 

I stopped by the forum today because today was the day I had my first “moment” in the withdraw process...

let’s start with how the week went for me.

This past Tuesday was my first day trying to kick the habit. Normally a pack a day smoker I went down to 5 cigarettes throughout the day ; offset other cravings with nicorette gum 

Wednesday Lowered the amount to 3 cigarettes and of course offset the cravings with Nicorette

Thursday morning I woke up, tried a cigarette and was instantly turned off by the taste , almost to the point of throwing up ... and that was my last cigarette 

Friday while at work I chewed on Nicorette every couple hours , by every couple 2-3 I would guess. No cravings for a cigarette 

Saturday cigarette free , but also backed off a bunch on the nicorette , maybe 2-3 pieces throughout the day. We also went bowling for my fiancé’s bday, had a couple of drinks but no cigarettes and no cravings.

Sunday morning ... woke up at 5:00 , felt like I was having a heart attack , heart rate 130-140 on my Apple Watch, panic mode set in , started sweating and such. 
jumped in the car and headed to the ER , never felt this before. Long story short , all tests , bloodwork came back negative. Monitored for a couple hours showed no signs of actual heart issues... Doctor said it was palpitations likely caused by withdraws. Suggested keeping a regime with nicorette and easing off slowly and not so aggressively. She also said DONT START SMOKING again. 
I haven’t :) , been back home since 9:45am and still holding on , taking the nicorette and marching forward. 

has anyone experience these palpitations ?? Honestly scared the you know what out of me. 

Hi Andrew,

Welcome to the forum.  Good for you in deciding to quit smoking.  Pull up a chair and read and post.  The forum offers two wonderful quit aids  - support and information on nicotine addiction.

I'm glad you had a check up because of your symptoms.  I can say that when I quit smoking, I had several anxiety attacks in the first month - a truly terrible feeling, so was wondering if that is possible.   I had to learn calming techniques to get over some of these feelings.  I hope your doctor is supportive of your quit.  It sounds like good advice about slowly coming down on the Nicorette.  

How to Know if You've Got Quitter's Flu


From: AndrewASH


Thank you so much ; I appreciate it. 
I definitely felt the anxiety kick in and cause panic , it wasn’t fun. 
I am an anxious person as is , so quitting a habit probably can escalate that as well. 
glad I had all the tests done to ease my mind.

i should add I was a pack plus a day smoker ... hurts to say it at this point 


From: cherbearquit


Sounds like the palpitations could have been from withdrawal. I’m not a doctor but I do know you can feel pretty sick especially the first 3 days with no nicotine. I quit cold turkey and had a horrible cough for several weeks. This forum is a great place to educate yourself about what to expect during your quit and to get support when needed. I drink lots of ice cold water and keep lots of sugar free mints handy. I also read the various articles and posts here when I am having those moments. Some days are worse than others but you can do this!  It is important to pay attention to your body and if you continue to get palpitations, seek medical care. Wishing you all the best’

You can do this.   The most important thing is that you have to want to quit more than you want to smoke.  It's the only thing that did it for me.  There is no such thing as 'one cigarette'

Be prepared for a true roller coaster ride in your quit.    You almost have to approach it as a warrior because that's what it takes to get free.  Quitting is a process and we go through many stages in our quits.  

The best part is that in the end you will be free from  nicotine addiction and all that goes into smoking... the disgusting ashtrays, etc..

Note: when I first quit all I had to do was see a pack of smokes and it felt like my stomach dropped out.  I began reaching for cigarettes that were not even there.  The good news is that it did not last forever...it gets better.  Take it one day at a time.


From: Majomar


Hi, Andrew.

Congratulation on your quitting! That is great!

I had experienced palpitations in past, when trying to quit nad also now, when I'm almost 8 weeks quit.

There is a difference. 10 years ago, when I tried and didn't succeed, I used nicotine patches. My heart beat insanely, cause I "overdid it". The amount of replacement therapy wasn't in tune with the amount I actually needed. I thought the more nicotine, the less craving, but that is not how it works. I almost poisoned myself and stopped altogether when I felt extreme nausea, along with palpitation, cold sweat etc.

So, I'd be cautious. You didn't smoke very much, so you shouldn't be taking many nicorettes, I suppose. Pls, seek medical advice on that. I wasn't educated at that time, knew nothing, really, wasn't even psychologically prepared, so I failed. Just, inform yourself on the amount of gums.

Now, it's different. Now I can not have NRT, even if I wanted, and  it's OK  this way. But, I still have palpitations. And these are probably withdrawal related, I experience also some sort of panic attacks, physically. Maybe last few weeks more then fist... I guess it's normal. I checked my heart, did holter, ultrasound...e everything is good, so... just find the right information, breathe deeply, that too shall pass, and we will be free :)

Stay healthy :) 

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From: Majomar


I forgot to say the most important thing :D

I understand you saw a doctor and she said to keep with that regime etc.

What I did back then, with NRT is to buy patches that were in tune with the highest amount of cigarettes I'd smoke, in life, and I didn't smoke that much then, I reduced. So I felt sick. If you said to your docotr that you're a pack a day smoker, and in reality you became a 5 cigarettes a day smoker at the time of quitting, you probably don't need or it isn't good for you to take gums with the amount of nicotine corresponding to pack-a-day smoker. That is why I said you should check that again... or try to reduce gums and see if it's better.

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