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Arms and legs tingling?   Health Support and Encouragement

Started Feb-11 by Majomar; 223 views.

From: Majomar


Hello, everyone.

It's been overwhelmed 6 weeks that I'm smoke free. After three weeks my blood circulation started to improve (I have Raynaud's, it was worse at first and after that inicial anxiety started to become a bit more manageable, I felt improvement). And now, last days I feel tingling in hands, arms, legs, feet. If my arm or leg are in the same position for more than... I don't know, 10 seconds, even less, there it goes... When I'm in bed, my leg goes numb.

It's different than it was while I smoked, it's like ants everywhere, some say it's a recovery simptom and it will go away, my doctor doesn't know what that might be, I said I'll wait and see if it goes away or she'll send me to do some analysis, I don't know...

Did anyone experience anything similar? How long does this last, if it's really connected with smoking cessation? Also, I'm really dizzy lately.

Thank you


From: Belinda2019


The dizziness can be quite normal, I looked at it as my brain healing some more. 
The tingling/pins and needles/numbness is a little concerning. Does it go if you take ibuprofen or paracetamol? Do you take any supplements that are vitamin B heavy? It could be anything from a pinched nerve, to too much vit B.....are you able to see a different doctor for a second opinion?


From: Majomar


Thank you Belinda for your answer and I'm sorry I didn't write back earlier, I wanted to wait a bit and see if it gets better with some changes, and also... I get tired with this struggle and find it difficult to write sometimes.

I changed the bed, because the one I slept on was a disaster and my back started to suffer, a lot. That I figured.

I do suffer radiculopathy but this was/is different, it is symmetrical and... Just different tingling than one you get when your nerve is pinched. More... Like ants are everywhere, it's so "even" all over arms and hands and legs and feet, can't detect "source". I was hoping it was that symptom of blood vessels recovery that's all over the internet, cause I'm a bit scared I'd end up with some autoimmune disease, I had some health issues that maybe make me prone to it. I still don't know what it was, it is a bit better and still hope it will all go away.

My primary doctor said she will run some tests if it doesn't go way.  I also feel very often sudden drops in blood sugar, especially when I workout, but everything changed, sleep routine, eating routine... Stress levels are high, challenging life circumstances, it might be a mix of factors: anxiety, existing health issues, symptoms of recovery and side effects of changed life routine, everything is still in the process of "finding a new normal"... Have to be very patient, we all do.

I pay attention to the amount of B vitamins, I have experience with therapy with high doses, intake/amount is not problematic, but it's good you wrote that, it might help someone to pay attention, thank you :)

I avoid paracetamol, because it's not recommended if you suffer Raynaud's. And I'm scared of taking ibuprofen lately, cause I'm on daily Aspirin and don't know if I have an autoimune blood clotting disorder or not, still testing, have no idea what I can take for pain and what not at the moment ... It takes months to consult specialist here so I have to be patient. My rheumatologist appointment is in middle April (I got that appointment in December, so you get the picturegrin ).

With exercise and supplementation (I checked that with doctors I trust), hopefully I won't have to see a neurologist... It's so... exhausting and complicated here with health system, it's the worst in Europe.

I do feel less these symptoms and I did try to calm down and to reduce anxiety I've been experiencing.

I still am dizzy, quite a lot. But it's manageable and hoping it is a recovery sign.

I hope you're doing well and wishing you so! :)