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First Day - Just Joined Forum   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Feb-13 by AmyMW; 227 views.

From: AmyMW


Hi All -

I'm really glad that I have found this forum... today is day one for me and I know that I need the support and guidance from others .  

Thanks so much!


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 Hey Amy,

Welcome.  Hope you will jump in with your quit buddies for February.  There is lots of great information there.

Congrats on taking that first step to freedom.

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From: Jules55


Keep at it! 

I'm at day 5 -  I almost thought it would be impossible for me to ever go that many days without smoking - but here I am.  You will be too in a few more days. 

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From: cherbearquit


Hi Amy. Congrats on your decision to do something great for yourself! This forum has a lot of great articles to read! It’s good to read them to educate yourself on what to expect along the way during your quit journey. I also read other people’s posts, because they contain lots of tips also. Keep lots of mints, gum and ice water handy . Stock up on healthy veggies like carrots, celery and fruit. Any time I am having a difficult or stressful day, this is where I come and read or post. Best wishes to you. You can do this !