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New Member - 5 days into quitting -    Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Feb-13 by Jules55; 600 views.

From: Jules55


Hello Everyone - Glad to have found this!

I started smoking in my early teens, and haven't stopped for 40 years.  Now I'm 5 days in.

I've been taking Chantix for about a month, and gave myself all kinds of crazy rules to make smoking inconvenient, ultimately helping me cut down

to a 2-5 a day.   I finally completely quit 5 days ago.   

The first 3 days were easier than I expected.  Day 5?   Good lord, these cravings are getting more intense and intrusive.   I won't give in - but I thought it would be easier after the first few days, not harder. 

Anyway -  good luck to everyone else on the path to quitting as well.   Personally - I am SO over letting an addiction control my days and how I spend my time.  I'm annoyed with myself for having allowed cigarettes to be my master for my adult life up till now. 


From: cherbearquit


Hi Jules! This forum is great and has tons of great articles to read!  One thing to remember is that those cravings can come out of no where when we don’t expect them. Also remember NOPE (Not one puff ever).  Folks refer to the first week as hell week and the second week as heck week. Then there are the “icky threes” to look out for (3 days, weeks and month).  You are past the physical withdrawal and now facing the psychological stage, which can be tough at times, but you CAN do this! Congrats on 5 days! Stay close and read on this forum. It helps to know everything you can on this journey. Best wishes to you!

Quit 12/6/19


From: Jules55


Thanks for the encouragement!

I was just standing in the kitchen going about my business just awhile ago - suddenly - like a truck hitting me - my brain

decided the next thing I needed to do before going to work was have a cigarette.   It was quite demanding!  

What a nasty habit.   I refuse to let it mind-control me!   But wow - it's crazy - my brain is giving me signals as though my last cig was an hour ago and it's time for another one.


From: cherbearquit


I like to think that the cravings are a sign of healing. Think that thought, take a sip of cold water and distract yourself when the craves hit. Also be aware that every time we do or experience things as a non-smoker, craves could appear. This also applies to holidays and seasonal changes. But, we are stronger than these pesky cravings and each time we work through a crave, we emerge stronger!  You are doing great, so just think NOPE every time your brain tries to take you there. Have a great day!


From: CindiS319


Hi Jules and welcome!  Congratulations on 5 days!  That's awesome!  Cravings would hit me at the strangest times the first year that I never would have imagined.  In the Summer, gardening and grilling were huge triggers for me.  I also was on Chantix in the beginning and I didn't think it was helping until I decided to stop taking it cold turkey.  Oh boy...that was a mistake.  I went back on it and slowly weened myself off.  That was a way better experience.  So, just take it one day at a time and do whatever it takes to not smoke.  That is the key... not even one.  It's a nasty addiction and not an easy one to overcome, but you can do it.  It takes time and patience (which I've never had) and toughness.  Read everything you can, post on the forum often and just take it one hour, one day at a time.  We're here to cheer you on.



From: Eve1973


Hi Jules, 

    Congratulations on choosing not to smoke. I am also on the Chantix, I’m on quit day 15. This is my 3rd or 4th time with the Chantix. Every time has been different, this time though I found this site for support. 
     Read, read,read, and read this site more. Cravings pass. Everyone here knows what you are going through. 



From: candrew


hey jules55

i'm candrew

After reading your post I can relate to lots of issues. Yes, many of us began

our smoking to be cool, Little did  it result in a lifelong habit of nicotine addiction.

I have smoked  for over 40 years with a few quits. Lately it was 3 quits and 2

relapses in a month. I am currently on my 3rd quit and  I now have

 Shantix  to help. I have taken it for for 2 months. I seems to be working. 

I hope this helps

Good Day


I have had minor cravings. which incredible for a 66 year male who smoked

2 packs per day of Marlboro Reds  I am very pleased with my Chantix .


From: CindiS319


Hi Andrew,

I think I've posted to you before.  I was a 1 1/2 pack a day Marlboro light smoker for almost 40 years.  Chantix did help me in the beginning.  I wasn't sure it was helping until I stopped taking it abruptly.  Big mistake for me.  I went back on and weened myself off over a month's time.  Worked out much better.  That was around my 5th month.