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Hi ALL   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Feb-15 by MollyMakesIt; 274 views.

From: MollyMakesIt


My name is Molly. I've been a light smoker for 6 or 7 years. I started during undergrad. It was the second, most horrible choice I've ever made. The worst choice in my life was when I decided to date the man who would one day ask me to take a puff of his cigarette because he wanted to see how I would look with it. 

These choices strike me as singular, one-instance. A moment trapped in time. That's not the way the world works. Life is fluid, and it can be beautiful. And I made those same choices for years and years. The relationship lasted two years until I was so sick of it and myself in it, I imploded to save myself from further self-destruction. I got out. alive. barely. 

On another note, cigarettes brought the romance. They listened and coaxed my feelings. I felt good. C made me feel better. I felt movie-star, don't-care, old-fashioned highlight mamacita, you know C was holding my hand. 

I was happy once. Not the high horse happy that fleets and floats and fades. but authentic, youthful happy. My happiness remained in the beginning with C by my side. I'd shower off the evidence of our affair before babysitting or attending class, closing the curtain over my hypocrisy. 5 years in though, my hand was no longer held tenderly. I was pulled down. C trained my thoughts. C controlled my actions. C led my steps, my decisions, my conversations. I was whipped in a storm of C. Too late, my thoughts were trained negatively toward the world, myself, anger, all of it. Who am I? I'd wonder because I had grown strikingly apart from the youthful joy that characterized my pre-adulthood. 

I'm quit today. I'm fed up C. I'm getting out. alive. damnit. 

I'm thankful to find this forum. I know that this time is different. 

Molly - Last puff: 2/14/2020

 Hi Molly,

Welcome to the forum.  Cigarettes controlled most of us here for longer than any of us ever dreamed or wanted.  Good for you in making the decision to quit.  Check out all of the great articles and posts in the February Ex-Smoker thread.  if at all possible, begin at the beginning and read it all.   The first thing I learned when I came here was that, 'an educated quit is a successful quit'.  The more you learn about nicotine addiction the better your chance of success.

You can do this with support.


From: JEM777


Hi Molly!

You've given yourself the best, most loving gift on Valentine's Day by kicking C to the curb! heart

The thread Marge linked (above) has so much cool stuff (and so many cool people) that will be with you through your journey. 

Welcome to the forum and congratulations on quitting!