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One Year Milestone   One Year and Beyond Milestones

Started Mar-3 by Jono (Jonathan1967); 2303 views.

From: ModAndrea


Congratulations on one year, Jonathan!

Welcome to the Clubhouse!

Thank you for a tremendous milestone post. You show the way for those following in your footsteps.




From: ozimichele


Thank you for your reply Jonathon, was having a rough couple of days when I read your post & reply, it really does help to hear those things. Even on rough days when you struggle to believe it.

On the much better days like today (only had 1 real “craving” time today) , when you really can believe it, it is heart lifting to know there really is a light at the end of this tunnel. 

Thank you for sharing, replying to everyone and being part of that hope for me and I suspect many others. I hope one day in the future, I can pay it forward and be the one message on a tough day that helps someone stay strong.

May you continue to relish in your “beast free” life. 
Take care, Michele 


From: Meppie


Thank you so much for sharing your story Jonathan...I am 3 days in and I’m struggling with the cravings!!! Whew!! Sometimes they are so strong! But I just loved reading what you wrote and how you struggled and how you are overcoming!!! You are an inspiration to me!!! Congratulations on your up upcoming anniversary

Hi Meppie, thank you for your message.

Just please keep going, keep going, keep going!!

It's not easy I know, but the reward at the end is more than well worth the effort. It just takes time to heal. 

There are some good inspirational stories at https://www.verywellmind.com/nicotine-use-overview-4581779, one of which I recall spoke of spending the first 12 months of your cessation just dedicated to healing the body. To me the pain which you are experiencing now is the start of the healing process, and we spent so many years damaging ourselves with nicotine, that the recovery is unfortunately a protracted and painful experience. As they say, the only way out is through, but it very quickly gets better.

Be strong, all the best, Jonathan.

Hi Andrea, appreciate your sentiments, thank you.

If I can help just one person be successful on their journey, then it's a win. The more the better!!

Thank you as well for the work which you do on this forum, a great source of inspiration to continue. 

All the best, Jonathan.

Hi Michele,

You've touched on another topic which I failed to mention - one definitely has good days and one has bad days. I even had good weeks and bad weeks, which is worse given the protracted time. The good news is that the bad days become less, and the good days become more. Once you realize this fact, then you can afford to laugh at the bad days, because you know that the feeling will pass, and you become less obsessed with the beast.

You can do this Michele, one day at a time.

All the best, Jonathan.

PS - have you had a dream yet where you are still smoking? That experience can be intimidating at first, but also becomes laughable later.......


From: SusanK1960


Hi Jonathan,

Congratulations on 1 year of not smoking!  As you confirmed, this is overcoming an addiction, not a pleasure, nor a sacrifice.  Thank you for reassuring us that by choosing to overcome the addiction, it is a healing process as well.

Susan - not smoking since 10/13/19

Jono (Jonathan1967)

From: Jono (Jonathan1967)


Hi Susan,

Thank you for the message of support, and glad that you agree with the viewpoint. Putting smoking into its proper perspective is one of the key aspects to successfully tackling the problem. 

Well done on your progress so far, and please keep going. Looking at your quit date, your short-term battle has definitely been won, now its into the long-haul of healing. Please believe me when I say it's well worth it looking back now, and look forward to welcoming you to the one year milestone in no time at all!!  

All the best, Jonathan.


From: DebraAnne60


I have twice had that dream where I was smoking.  It took me awhile after waking up to realize it was only a dream.  Wicked stuff that.

Jono (Jonathan1967)

From: Jono (Jonathan1967)


Hi DebraAnne,

It's a relief when you realize it was only a dream. On chatting to other ex-smokers, it seems to be a common occurrence in the beginning stages of cessation though. 

Wishing you every success with your quit!

All the best, Jonathan.