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The Joy of 5 Years Quit   One Year and Beyond Milestones

Started Mar-16 by ModMarge (slowblumer); 774 views.

There’s certain calmness reaching this 5-year milestone.   I finally feel like I will stay an ex-smoker for life. Even at the worst of times I don’t think about smoking.  Occasionally I have a brief thought that I would like ‘just one’.  The addict brain will surface once in a while but these days it’s so very easy to dismiss.   Never in a million years would I have believed I would be calm without ‘the cigarette’.  If you are just quitting smoking please know that many others have gone before you and have successfully quit and you can too - no matter how many times you have failed in the past.

Being nicotine free is a freedom to cherish.  It is as fragile as life itself.   We are all just one puff away from a full-blown smoking relapse.  Don’t fall for that ‘just one’ thinking.

I have learned that we must want to quit and stay quit more than we want to smoke.  It’s a simple truth, but one side of that equation will win out.  It all begins and ends in our minds.  Believe you can do it and tell yourself that every single day.  Say it out loud. You are re-training your brain.

COPD is a huge motivator to quit smoking.    If you can quit before you have lung disease, you are wiser and more fortunate than many of us.

It takes a full year for our brains to heal from nicotine addiction, plus extra time to grow in strength, especially for those of us who smoked for decades. Don’t try to ‘get over it’ fast.  It takes time and patience.  It is a process not an event.

You must actively resist the mind games with your own mind games to win this battle.  Take it one day or one minute at a time and focus on what you are gaining not what you feel you are giving up at the moment.  Keep your eyes on the prize.  That prize is freedom.


From: Eve1973


Congrats Marge, thank you for your share! I’m almost 7 weeks, and what you said about wanting to quit more than wanting to smoke, is SO TRUE!  

I am in this whole heartedly! I want to succeed, with your help, the other Mods, and the wonderful people on this forum, oh and the support at home....lol, I really believe I will! 

But it’s your day! How are you celebrating?

Hi Eve,

Some folks-- like me-went into a sort of depression around the 3rd month.  You can grow weary of the battle. So, keep reinforcing that you can do it-over and over.

7 weeks is huge even if it does not seem like it now. but you thru hell and heck week and more.  Way to go!

I am so happy today in reaching my dream of 5 year s I need very little else although the first few years I did treat myself very well.  Got a new phone one year, a one year TV another year.  I have saved $11,888.00 per my Silk Quit ap. Woo!  

Keep on Noping. 



From: DebraAnne60


Well done Marge  - you are an inspiration to all.  Thank you for sharing your journey and helping us along our way. 

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Hi DebraAnne.

Thank you.  Love your stars and can't wait to see them multiply.  You are working on your 3rd month now and may feel down some days more than others so don't think you are going backwards.  It means you are healing.

BTW-love that lion I see in the mirror and the saying is so true.  


From: Hapjap


Marge, such a HUGE milestone. Thank you for gently taking our fragile souls forward on this journey.  You always know when we need a nudge. Huge congratulations 

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Hi Hapjap,

Thanks so much.  Good description of new quitters in the early part of the quit 'fragile souls'.  Little bit by a little bit it will get better. Keep hanging in there.  Refuse to give up.



From: JerseyDee


Congratulations Marge.  Such an encouragement for me to continue to stick the course and believe I CAN do this.  

Tomorrow night at dinner time marks exactly two weeks since my last puff.  

I simply can not wait until the day I can say 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 5 years! 

Thanks for posting about your accomplishment .. it gives more motivation than you might even know!


From: JerseyDee


Love that picture with the cat/lion reflection so much.  Just absolutely love it.

Just think one day we WILL be able to say we are 5 years free too .. .like Marge .. I am sticking the course and hanging in so far .. I don't see you post too much about cravings .. you must really have a handle on them .. all those oranges?

Hey Dee,

Thank you so much.

Congrats on 2 weeks.  That's wonderful.  Keep on going and you will have that month and 6 months and on.