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Visiting this forum after 2.5 years   Quit Stories and Journals

Started Apr-1 by VCena; 128 views.

From: VCena


I joined this forum on November 1st, 2017 and continued being active for one complete month.

This group helped me to quit smoking. Being with like minded people, sharing experiences and taking oath everyday that I won't smoke today was actually what helped me to quit. And now I feel so proud of myself. 

Just wanted to let the newcomers know that when I joined I never thought I could quit but those days are now behind me. You can also do it! Just try to take it one day at a time.

FYI, I am very glad to see that this forum is still helping people in quitting. Kudos moderators! Let me know if I can be of any assistance.

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From: JerseyDee


Hello.  I really enjoyed reading your inspirational post and congratulations on your long term quit. Tonight at dinnertime will mark exactly 4 weeks since my last cigarette.  I am still very new into this and I do find this forum a very important tool in my arsenal.  It is so helpful to find like minded people on the same life-changing journey. My daily morning pledge is an important part of my day and the rest of the banter here is helpful and can be very supportive as well.

Please write back with any pointers or suggestions you may have.  Thank you for popping in with your testimonial. 

- Deana

3/5/20 -- Got on the path to freedom


From: VCena


Hey, few pointers that I followed - 

 - Take it one day at a time

 - Be active on this portal. Take the pledge every day and believe in yourself. You have already done 4 weeks which is a good thing.

 - Always focus on the benefits of quitting - also now with corona under our nose, to quit smoking is the call of the hour.

 - Try to indulge in some hobbies. Discover what you live to do. 

 - Try to be away from people that try to indulge you into smoking. It can be some friends, or some colleagues, or even some group. Try to keep a distance from them, if possible. Even if meeting them prepare your mind to reject any such ask from them. In general - to start any habit its important to figure out when and with whom you are most vulnerable and then prepare yourself before that situation comes.

Hopes these pointers help. Happy Quitting!