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Why 9 is a magical number?   One Year and Beyond Milestones

Started 5/5/20 by Rich (lexx0); 1337 views.
Rich (lexx0)

From: Rich (lexx0)


Had a shot yesterday, it may seem that I'm allergic to it though. I'm going to start exercising more in hopes of getting the pain to subside. Hopefully it will get better in the coming weeks.

Keep at it Brenda.  I know its been particularly hard for you to maintain a lasting quit, but I'm sure you can do it. Once you quit smoking you can never go back to being a 'happy smoker' again, not with all the knowledge we've learned from this site.  God bless you sweetie.



From: JerseyDee


Good Morning Rich -- Yes, I am going to start to wean myself off the gum on Monday.  Going to get some 20MG and alternate between 4MG and 2MG and only take 2 a day, not the 3 I have been taking. 

But in the meantime I AM saving a ton.  I can get a month's worth of them gum online for $25 .. I used to spend $300 a month on cigarettes!   Huge difference.

I felt like I could not do this cold turkey initially and I needed this step with the gum .. but I feel I need to start that tritration downward now.  

Rich (lexx0)

From: Rich (lexx0)


Good for you. I still have a few friends stuck on the inhalers too. Cessation used to mean NO nicotine, not only that delivered in cigarettes.  Sounds like you have a great plan going forward ;D


Awesome Job Rich!

glad to see you're still doing great!


Rich (lexx0)

From: Rich (lexx0)


Same back to you Steve.  Can you believe we met in this section 9 years ago?

Can't wait to read your wings messages ;D