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First 10 days review   General Chit-Chat

Started 5/6/20 by Musivore; 105563 views.

From: Loreficent


Hey Eve,

Yeah, that is the foremost reason I run; to get outta my head. I’ve got quite a few hours since a year ago and I still can’t escape myself at times!  I still walk a lot too, but this time of year they are not the hours long ones I do Spring through Fall and I dearly miss those. I missed a lot of my Fall stuff this past year due to the fires as they were the areas I usually go in Fall. A lot of the East of me was closed off for stuff for several weeks. It all seemed to start with Georgie’s visit actually when I missed my cabin time during peak wildflower season. 
Anyway...running. When I quit smoking it was a goal of mine to run for an hour in 3 months. I made it a couple of weeks early. I’m not fast and have no competitive desire other than competing with myself. I’m what I call an LSD runner. Not the drug but Long Slow Distance. Georgie is a THC runner but that’s a different conversation! joy So I found it helpful when quitting to set my sights on doing things that I couldn’t or wasn’t doing as a smoker. It helped a ton really. I’m pretty lucky with my schedule I think. My shifts are long and grueling for sure, but I also only work 2 days a week really unless I pick up extra. I try to get one extra every two weeks but that still leaves me only 5 work days out of 14. And my schedule is compressed so if I don’t pick up extra I actually only work every other week. That trade off right there is exactly what gets me through my work week. I wouldn’t and couldn’t trade my schedule for a 4-5 day a week 8 hour day job. I can’t fathom how that’s done anymore and it would likely kill me. Not physically, but spiritually and emotionally. I can’t be around people like that day after day after day. Soon, my weeks off will be filled with salt air and wooded hikes and solitude. This sounds terrible I’m sure to some, that I don’t desire human companionship much. But truth is, when I’m on, I’m on and pour my heart and soul into it. Am very gregarious and giving and generous and kind with folks normally when I’m on and it drains me. It was a big part of my smoking actually. My escape and alone time, my veil to hide behind. Now...I run and walk. And watch bad shows and crochet and listen to tons of music. My hands are itching to get into my garden and dirt and my soul is crying for the ocean. Soon. 
Ireland! Yes!!! Has been my deep desire and dream for so so long now. On my own. Just me. Gonna drive the Wild Atlantic Way on my own. I want to take a month off and need to see if that can happen this year. This year is still so dicey that I hate to schedule it and then need to cancel so am wondering if I should just put in now for next April. I also have some other irons in the fire for there and New Zealand. So, yeah, whatever tips you want to send....send them on!!

Oh...by the way...getting you healthier started over a year ago! You have already taken on the biggest hurdle and jumped it Eve. Not only jumped it, but cleared it. Unlike me who nicked it a few times going over, hahaha! joy Nearly tripped me up but I’m carrying on. So, forward we go! kissing_heart

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From: Eve1973


Absolutely correct......your right....I did start over a year ago, but want to do more! So I’m going to do more research and jump both feet in! 

Ireland, is your plan to just drive around? That’s what we did. We kinda had a plan mapped out, but added some when there. We basically stayed at B and Bs throughout our travels. Was there like 12 days. My only concern for you if you go this year are the “Covid rules”. Many different rules and changes. Then of course if you go Northern Ireland.....still under British rule, so do they have different “rules”? You would really need to do your research. 

One tip.......no wash clothes provided! I’m really not sure what Irish people use to wash. Maybe that fluffy thing. 

Are you a Star Wars fan? We visited a couple places where the newer movies were shot. Couldn’t do one thing which was the monk houses, it was a rainy day! But would like to go back and hike up the mountain. We also went to a game of thrones, winterfell. That was very cool. My lord was it beautiful! 

If you have any questions about a certain area, because we went from Dublin down the coast, back up the Atlantic side, drove north to Belfast and back to Dublin, I can let you know if we were there. 

Belly hungry.....food needed talk later


From: Loreficent


You make that funny little sideways emoji with shoes like Joel used to. Where do you get that? 
Im a first 3 Starwars fan, but that’s it. I think Game of Thrones is too violent for me maybe. So I’ve been told. I do think I might wait till 2022 cause of COVID, but that could change. I might go just for a week or two early Fall then a longer trip in the Spring. I’m gonna spend some more time this evening looking at things there. What do you mean “that fluffy thing”? Sheep??joy I do want to do some camping there too. 
Gonna send you PM!


From: euknight


Hello all,

Thanks for your words of encouragement.  During this whole weather fiasco I only had one BIG urge.  Very unexpected, sudden, and powerful.  Walking through the garage after days of no water and elec.....just BAM..........I will admit it had been awhile and that is the GOOD NEWS plus not smoking of course.  No, sorry to say, Eve, that peace has not arrived yet........

I guess when my power went out and water followed I toughed it out for 3 days, then went to neighbors generator run house.  Like a luxury hotel really.  She insisted I bring the dogs which still makes me cry cos she is a total cat person but it was so kind.  She knows they are my family. The rest of the area started rolling blackouts....one hour of power and one off.  Not enough time to warm house with space heaters.  I do not remember us ever being below zero.

I did get several hikes in with the dogs in powdery deep snow which was amazing.  Then when my heater guy came back to hook up propane that had been out for 4 days, a pipe burst in my garage so he took another several hours to fix that while I raced around sweeping water out of the garage that was turning to ice fast. 

They came back and finished it and put a heat coil on my well so by Fri or Sat I had water and no more pipes burst.  Sun a friend of a friend did my drywall.  So exactly a week from the storm I was fixed.  It is all a miracle.  So many people so worse off all around the state.  I have angels around me.

Anyway so excited to see you guys in the year milestone place.  Now planning trips overseas!!  You go girls!!  Man Eve how COOL you went in 2019.......wow....that was the year to go!!  We need to keep our plans rolling, girls!  This too shall pass!!

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

Hugs to u




From: Loreficent


Good morning Peggy Love,

Sorry for the delayed reply. Wow. What a couple of weeks you’ve had! And to hear you got through it with just one big urge. I’m so so happy for you and proud of you. You are one strong woman for sure. I’d like to say I’d have gotten through the storms you did unscathed but that is easy to think from here. Truthfully, I’m not sure I would have. But YOU did and now you’re coming through the other side even more powerful and strong! I have this vision of you and Tab and Jackson trudging through the snow on your hikes, on one hand delighted and and playful and excited with the joy those moments of peace the snow brings, and on the other hand your heart breaking at the destruction and strife and loss it brought as well.

I’m grateful for your friends that were there and how you all got each other through it. Those stories of uniting and helping and holding each other up through hardship restores my hope and faith in humanity. That faith and hope has never, thankfully, been entirely lost, but surely has been tested and tried in the last year. One can hope that our lovely Planet has some strength and hope in us to learn and grow from these experiences, and that we can work together to turn things around some for Her so these crazy storms and fires and floods become a thing of a past while she does some healing and sparing us from the wrath of destruction we have so far brought Her. Yeah...I’m feeling the turning of days, the growing moments of light of early Spring and the renewed hope it always brings, so don’t mind me while my thoughts turn more toward the opening of the cave rather than the dark, shielded back walls where I’ve been safely tucked in and somewhat secluded and sequestered. Am I ready? To come out of the cave and move into Spring and the new adventures of the coming season? Not sure yet! joy I do know if I don’t get out of the city soon and over to the Ocean I may need to be locked away for good. Soon, the Gray Whales will be making their Northward migration and that is always a marker of change and time for me. A sign that there is still strength to carry on and move forward. 
You my friend, are made of so much. So very much. I’m very happy and relieved that you are ok and that soon we will be celebrating a huge milestone with you. 
Still sending big big hugs and lots of love and kisses East. kissing_heart


From: euknight


Sweet Lore,

I hear your longings to watch the whales and see your beloved ocean that has such power to wash away the rough spots in the brain.  I have to imagine the whales as I have never seen such a thing.  Do they call to each other?  I can imagine the haunting sound.  A touchstone for sure to bring you back into a balance we all crave.  I cannot imagine what it would be like not to be able to step out the door into wilderness.....

Energy execs are battling over the big faux pa....Texas elec. grid ....4 minutes supposedly before the whole state went to blackout and could still be in one.  Whoa sista....we all rely so much on elec. now.  Wonder what it wud be like if it was all gone?  

I love what you said.....and couldn’t trade my schedule for a 4-5 day a week 8 hour day job. I can’t fathom how that’s done anymore and it would likely kill me. Not physically, but spiritually and emotionally. I can’t be around people like that day after day after day. Soon, my weeks off will be filled with salt air and wooded hikes and solitude. This sounds terrible I’m sure to some, that I don’t desire human companionship much. But truth is, when I’m on, I’m on and pour my heart and soul into it. Am very gregarious and giving and generous and kind with folks normally when I’m on and it drains me. It was a big part of my smoking actually. My escape and alone time, my veil to hide behind. .......

I know you have said that before but it is again so good to hear so I don’t feel so alone in that respect.  I never thought how smoking figured in to the equation but can see it now like you describe....a veil of smoke to seclude and comfort.  I found out how being with people 4 days straight....repair people, etc really shook my world.  I almost felt guilty about having such a perfect place to hide out just down the road til it all passed.  So much to do and pretending I could orchestrate everything needing to be done.........it is THAT that was the smoking trigger.........  having to suck it up when you are overwhelmed and acting like you have it handled.  Do I really?  I dunno....but I did get through putting one foot in front of the other without a cigarette.  Entirely possible my friends!! Never would I have believed that.  Even with nicotine we want the easier, softer way....which to us was nicotine.  Is is earth shattering to see how eliminating that....so many things have changed.

You give me more credit than I deserve but thank you.  I am often on the edge of tears now with the knowledge I am a non smoker.
Your words.....Ireland! Yes!!! Has been my deep desire and dream for so so long now. On my own. Just me. ..........wow sista.....I am really excited for you and the fact that Eve was just there is amazing.  Would you camp....a whole month by yourself.  I admire your sense of adventure!,

Today I got out to the nursery just to smell the herbs and wind my mind around planting.  I want some catmint, sage,dill.  Too early for basil.  I dug up last years but I doubt the roots survived.  An Angel wing begonia I have had 10 years got frozen in the greenhouse.  Am hoping it comes back!! Decided to till first and then go get plants.  Am going to try and torch a stump soaking in vegetable oil.  If that works....I may have more planting room.  We shall see. An old white peach tree I took out.

Hope you are having the best day my friend!!





From: Loreficent


Hey Anthony,

Here is the poem that came to mind earlier today. I’ve carried this with me many years and it’s pretty special to me. Anyway...yes...time waits for no one, right?
I’m so excited for you about your new hip! I’ll NOPE with you even if you aren’t able to for a couple of days and will be sending you just tons of healing energy. I know it isn’t till the 4th, right? Even a week, or a few days smoke free prior to the anesthesia will be helpful for your body. So, on we go. Hope you find as much inspiration in this poem as I do....


You Reading This, Be Ready

Starting here, what do you want to remember?
How sunlight creeps along a shining floor?
What scent of old wood hovers,
what softened sound from outside fills the air?
Will you ever bring a better gift for the world than
the breathing respect that you carry wherever you go right now?
Are you waiting for time to show you some better thoughts?
When you turn around, starting here, 
lift this new glimpse that you found;
carry into evening all that you want from this day.
This interval you spent
reading or hearing this,
keep it for life...
What can anyone give you greater than now,
starting here,
right in this room, when you turn around?
William Stafford

CC to Jatchat

From: Jatchat


Beautiful poem,

I like the line 'How sunlight creeps along a shining floor', I open the back door and let the sun in while I am boiling my eggs for breakfast, the light is so welcoming, beckoning you to come outside, So many layers to this poem, 'Will you ever bring a better gift for the world than the breathing respect that you carry wherever you go right now?' to me it's a guarantee of self worth., 'carry into evening all you want from this day' Memories.

Hope fulfilled, it's a treasure Lore

BTW my surgery has been postponed until the 1st of April, they had a power failure at the hospital urgent cases have been brought forward and I now have to wait, but good things come out of this wait I will have been off smokes for nearly five weeks, if I can maintain the rage.

Trust your having a splendid day, I spent the morning with some friends from Church drinking tea and playing 'Shut the Box'


From: Loreficent


I’m glad you like it. It’s a bit of a mantra for me. A reminder...to turn around from whatever fear, whatever loneliness, temptation, anger, or sadness that I am facing, the call to turn around and be in the now. The breath...is the respect we carry, our essence of being and living in the only moment we truly have; now. Being present, with ourselves. Staying in the moment of now. You can do this Anthony. Take out the “if”. I learned some time ago that “if” is the biggest word in the world. If only... we make our “if” moment by moment, every moment. Our breath brings us back to the moment we are in. So powerful. Yes, our guarantee of self worth, with and in every breath. I like how you put that. 

My day was splendid. Sunny and calm. Winding down now and out for an evening walk under a waning moon. Perhaps the surgery postponement is a blessing in disguise. Most of the time these things do turn out to be that, though still frustrating and disappointing initially. They tend to work out ok. You will be stronger by then.

Before I go for my walk, I have to look up what “Shut the Box” is, blush


From: Loreficent


I didn’t make the Ocean this week but have faith it is still there. You can’t hear the whales above water, at least I never have. There are lots of tapes of whale songs though. Reverent and eerie all in one those sounds are. Someday.

Tonight I sent my dear, sweet, Calvin off. Was peaceful and kind and heartbreaking. I miss him so already. He went here at home in my arms with Daughter and other loved ones. The Vet that came is a gift to creatures. Same one that sent his brother off a couple years ago. She spent a lot of time here with us, Covid be damned.  Ahhh...the secrets that went with that boy. He was my most trusted. Hugo and Maisy are a bit young yet for some of the things I have to tell them I think. Was closer to Calvin than many of my human family members for sure. Daughter, being in utero when I brought those boys home, does not yet know life without him. As sad as I am, I am so honored to have had him a part of my life the last near 19 years. Such a gift. He had the most musical purr I’ve ever heard. Loved to dance with me he did, and I’d carry him around the house for hours at times. Amazing how time goes and leaves us memories and fading steps. 
Anyway. I want to go see John but will walk East instead tonight. Has been a sunny lovely day and the night is clear and quiet. 
Hope you’re well and I’ll talk to you soon. 

CC to Eve1973