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First 10 days review   General Chit-Chat

Started 5/6/20 by Musivore; 149634 views.

From: Loreficent


Oh. Wow. It is impossible for me to pick one highlight. It is all spectacular. Had a little snafu getting my car today and didn’t get it till 4:30. I didn’t want to drive out of Lisboa in rush hour trying to read signs in Portuguese so am staying with this gal I met from NYC! We went and got tattoos today. Was her first one. Me, I’m outta room now on my arms. So I have a permanent souvenir. 
Yeah. That is exactly why so many folks from CA are moving to PDX. We are significantly more affordable. I will say though it is driving prices up here too. That has always been one of my questions! “How do these hipsters who appear to be urchins without a pot to piss in afford the Left Coast?” They have 5-6 of them that share a one bedroom place in PDX. Or they have nice trust funds they are spending joy
I ditched  Verizon and their $10 a day for half gig data and got a Portugal SIM card. $15 for 15 days with unlimited data. This will be better for driving and using maps. Bad thing is I cannot text or call with it, but I don’t need to do that anyway. I stay in touch with Daughter on WhatsApp. 
Gotta run. Glad to hear your trip overall was good. Yes. The houseless crisis has grown exponentially on the West side and it is not really fathomable for so many. On the other hand, I know plenty of folks that are becoming desensitised to it, which adds tragedy to travesty. Sad. 
OK Ms X! More soon! 
I will try to send a pic of Sintra tomorrow. Will be hard to pick as I probably have a hundred joy


From: xvaper


Sounds like you’re having lots of fun! Post pics when you have them. Xoxoxo