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First 10 days review   General Chit-Chat

Started 5/6/20 by Musivore; 45562 views.

From: Loreficent


Good morning Eve!

It stopped pouring and was so fresh and beautiful out. Funny how the rain brings out such green smells. Mmmmm. The clouds were exceptional with sky cast with that pink/gold/ blue color. So pretty. There were all these little snails out like they are after it rains and I had to watch where I walked. Moved one of them as I didn’t think he was gonna make it across a street before a car might come. So, yeah, it was a good walk. 
Having a hard time extracting myself from some mental fog this morning and don’t feel like going to work at all. Got today and Friday and then 7 days off so, think I can do it. Just don’t want to! 
Listening to some crows carrying on about something in the most raucous manner... must be a hawk nearby that has them all agitated. 
Agitated. That’s a good word.

Im trying to remember you having a smoke in your hand. That was a long time ago now! Did you ever throw that pack away?

Have a good strong day. Will be home before we know it.


From: Eve1973


Nope still have the pack, it has not moved in awhile now, used to take it with me.....incase. Still have one lone cigarette sitting in the ash tray with lipstick all over it from multiple times putting it in my mouth and just sucking it. Lol. Never lit it just pretended. Haven’t done that in awhile either. Did pass them the other day and thought of getting rid of them, but now kind of a reminder for me to not smoke. I know it’s weird. But it’s kind of letting go of something that is sentimental, and until I’m ready, no matter what it said, it’s all in the mind. Someday soon, I know I will be ready! 

Apparently raining here now. We need it! 

Now I’m picturing you in snow whites dress, with tattoos lol, randomly picking snails up, and putting them safely away from the road way. 
You will get through this bleak mood and come up smelling like roses. Yeah 7 days off! Hump day!


From: Loreficent



Well...I couldn’t do that. “Deliver me from temptation”.... Or just give me the evil! I don’t know. If it works for you, there you go.... Somehow though I didn’t picture you wearing lipstick! Not sure why. I can’t stand it and never use it. I also can’t picture me in Snow White’s dress! Now...I can totally picture me in a dress just like Morticia from the Addams Family! Lol! Love that dress. Plus...it is black. Mmmmm. 
I live in my Levi’s unless a situation calls for something else. Or if it is really hot I have a black skirt I wear a lot. 
But...yes...I do pick up the snails and move them. Actually Pat walked with me last night for a bit, which he hasn’t done in about 2 years, and I kept seeing ones he was about to step on and I’d fling my arm out and yell “Wait!” He was laughing his butt off at me. So he walked with me for about 20 minutes then took off with his basketball and I went on. We used to walk together a lot but had an incident a couple years ago and now I go by myself. I like it too. I need my time alone. Plus, even though he is about 6’3” I walk way faster. 
Did I mention those snails before or did you just know? 
Worn out tonight for sure. If I had those smokes I’d be very tempted. Don’t know how you do it...

Oh...I did mention the snails. Like I said...worn. Out. 


From: euknight



So I just went to listen to Wishlist...I remembered that from Pink Floyd.  Then I listened to Comfortably Numb.  Kind of an out of body experience because the old nicotine will no longer take me there.  Ha!!

Red neck ice cube report.......Unless you hold these to your body you will not stay cool enough.  So I had 4 and water jogged.  Little awkward but worked!  Yes one would think the water would cool you off but here unfortunately after heat index temps over 100 and high humidity it can be warm bath water.  The next night it rained and that sufficiently cooled it down.  The bottles are back in deep freeze until the next emergency.  Lol

Curious to know what you decided with your tattoo artist?  I mentioned that but read somewhere that you have one Eve so I am the virgin.  Lol

I did get a henna armband twice.  Once in the Keys and once in Honduras.  That’s the bravest I have been Lol. I really don’t have any cigarette money with the 4 crowns and colonoscopy coming up.  So thrilling!!!

So now it is 2:30 in the afternoon and on 2nd cup of coffee.  Going to go put Kombucha on grocery list. Lol

Hope you are having a nice smoke free day my girls



CC to Eve1973

From: Loreficent


Wait! No...the song “Wishlist” by Pearl Jam! 
Though I am a bit comfortably numb... the song I love is Pearl Jam.

Get Kombucha and I will talk later! Off to sleep walk now! Ha!

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From: Loreficent


Check this out!

Wandering SE PDX....I’ve found a mate for John! Woohoo! 

She is shorter and more stout appearing. And too far for me to walk to every night... But I will go tonight and share her with John. She is younger too; this one is 18. Ahhh..such a tender young age to bloom, especially but just once. Perhaps we are among the luckier creatures on the planet yes? For we have all of our lives to bloom and grow and wander with the wind. Mmmm. 
The other good news for the day...I have a SCOBY baby! Yeeesss! I’ve also figured out that I’m gonna need a second small fridge for my Kombucha after this second ferment, and am gonna need people to give it to....
It does do very well if I have a smoke crave to just pop a bottle open and sip on it. All in all I guess it is a healthy new addiction.... even if my small house is turning into a SCOBY hotel! 


From: Eve1973


Hey Lore,

Nope I flew to Oregon and have been stalking you, watched you pick up the snails.....lmao. Yes you mentioned (brain fog or sleepiness?) 

Ok going to picture you in a mask with Morticia Addams dress, taking blood from your patients! Haha. 

1more day of work and you are off for 7.....yeah

Whats a SCOBY?

  • Edited July 9, 2020 9:19 pm  by  Eve1973

From: Eve1973


Hey Peggy,

Thanx for the red neck ice cube report.....glad it rained! Tomorrow we are supposed to get LOTS OF RAIN! Possibly flash flooding. We had that the other day, but didn’t effect me, or my area....more north of city. See what happens tomorrow.

I get what you mean by the money part. It’s funny how that all that happened to you when you quit, but then maybe you would be trying to figure out how to pay for it. So still a good thing you quit. Eventually you will be able to save the extra money. Usually tattoos cost a couple hundred dollars, at least the last time I checked. Maybe Lor knows. Were you thinking of getting one? If you could? I’m still pondering. Have been for 2years now. Lol

Whats this Kubucha stuff? What does it do for you? Does it have caffeine in it? Where do you buy?

Did you sleep in today? Still having issues on sleeping a lot? Mine lasted a good long time! Some days though like last weekend I took a 5hour nap. 

Goodnight enjoy being a non smoker!


From: Loreficent


Hey Eve!

If you come to Oregon you darn well better stay with me!

Kombucha is fermented tea. It is fermented by the SCOBY which stands for “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast”. It is soooo good for you! Has tons of probiotics. You can make it (or buy it) in a ton of flavors. Some are sweeter and some are more tart. Since the base is tea, it does have some caffeine. But the SCOBY eats a fair amount of the caffeine in the fermentation process. Depends too if you use black or green tea or a combo. I bet if you look in the store there you can easily find it and try it and come give us a report!! I’d suggest getting some by GT or Brew Dr first and see if you like it. Our regular grocery has it here, but Portland is pretty crunchy (lol!) if not, like Whole Foods has a good variety or, better yet, if you have a small local natural food store or Co-op they will have it too I bet. Get something in a flavor you like. I love Brew Dr. Island Mango. I’m telling you...Mmmmm! 
I am so dying for you to try it!! 
Yes....Me in the Morticia dress...with a mask...and a great big syringe in my hand! Hahaha! Love it. And a Kombucha in the other hand! Yes! No hands left to smoke. Which I have thought about a fair amount today. Not craved really...just bored and thinking about it. Don’t worry. Won’t cave. Not today. All I gotta worry about is today. One. Day. At. A. Time.

Want me to post a picture of a SCOBY for you???


From: Eve1973


Hi Lore, I will look for it this weekend. Does it boost your energy level or metabolism? Or just a good tea? 

The weekend has arrived! Going to be an extremely rainy day.

Need more coffee....brain has not woke up yet! Talk soon!