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First 10 days review   General Chit-Chat

Started 5/6/20 by Musivore; 96931 views.

From: Loreficent


Thanks Tiny!!

yes...far too important to lose and I won’t! Actually is going better than expected so far...she is also quit, longer than me and very focused on it too. But yes, it is the short notice unexpected part that throws me. I love spontaneity in many ways...perhaps not unexpected house guests for a week in a pandemic not so much though! More later...gotta run and get more ice cream as it seems her and Pat ate it all while I worked today! Lol! Thank you so much for the support...I appreciate it! How are you doing with the lower patch? Better now?

Oh...and yes...I had a very frank talk about the only place the “herbals” are allowed and gave a space in a drawer that closes tightly!


From: euknight



Hey my friend.  I’m sorry I did have to laugh about your work humor on who will be first....that comic relief is for survival, believe me I get it.  I remember drawing pics of certain challenging students and cutting them up dur ing conference periods.  Of course ya don’t want  it to really happen.  Sometimes we have to break the “I think I am losing it” stress level anyway you can, right?  We are not malicious people but we are human.

So cool you can actually walk to work!  Don’t blame ya when it hits 100. Was nice to have the car.  My neighbors were over yesterday and Robt worked forever in the once again typical Texas frying pan August heat on my tractor to no avail.  This guy does not quit.  He is pretty amazing actually.  Did get my garage door fixed...yay!  Then we went and had these killer shaved ice salted Carmel to die for things.  Fun.

Yessssssss  I have been to Michigan Lakes!  Also MINN.  My dad had a college friend that had a cabin on a lake outside Lansing.  I was pretty young.  We went to different resorts up there for vaycay andI will never forget the feel of that cold lake water.  So hard to describe but so totally different..thicker?  Definitely cooler on the skin than Texas Lakes.  Eating Pike.  My best friend took me on her family vacations up there too.  So loved the woods too. That is the coolest memory of your trip with your Dad.  Smoking bowls, working on the roof at 95.  No doubt there is something deep down that tells a person....you may die anytime now when you reach your 90’s.  Surely your 100’s!!!!!  Just a calm quiet wisp of a feeling.  Nothing fear filled or disturbing.

Cleaned then did laps under the LED bright almost full Sturgeon moon.  Only certain laps gave me a glimpse of the moon, then other views thru the branches of a perfectly obstructing the view tree, but it was exciting to peer around and see it when I got into alignment.  Left water on last night so was almost on overflow.  Cool still.  Soft, glide.

Tab is all better, thanks for asking.....could have been opossum....anything.  She is a tough gal!!!  Loves her guard duty.

I cannot believe that naked Athena was real!  Glad you can experience the artistic in that.  It is very bizarre to me.  Whoa baby!  Glad to hear groups are trying to police their own.  Sigh. Yep News=Big Tobacco=Big Pharm.................and the beat goes on

Wow your dreams Covid and smoke.  Mine foreign countries and dead people.  Hope all is going well with your house guest.  Look forward to seeing those posts!!  Kind of cool in a way that a relative thinks in terms of open door policy....I imagine the world use to be that way.  Laura...my neighbor is soooooo ready for her stepson and wife to leave.  6 weeks every summer.  That would really be tough.  I remember being the house for The ex’s divorced friends......months at a time on my off months!!  I liked them....we just like our space too.

Have a beautiful Sunday Eve!! ( Hi Eve)


From: euknight


BRAVO EVE on these  innovative ideas.  Love them all!!

Thanks for the laugh.  Sounds like it is going pretty good.  Go Lori!!!!!  You can do this!!  You will be fine.  I agree with the ladies to delegate time with her others.  No, Pat, you cannot leave.

She was is an RN....she will understand the several hour walk surely!!!

And Yes, as Tiny reiterated herbs are to be put into closed drawers.  The story is horrible....funny?  Maybe not.  I don’t know about medical grade...700 bucks for the dog cos he was stoned out of his mind?  Whoa.

I hear ya....it is more the thought that gets one craving, the change.  Always is. This passes

So How has it been today?



From: Eve1973


Sometimes when you and Lore talk I feel I missed an inside joke, or maybe a different post. I try hard .......I really do to follow you both......missing something.lol

Glad Tab better.....did you fix her up with some “herbs” that cost $700.00? Confused. Does Lore have a “herbs” drawer? 

Are you both having weird dreams? I had a weird dream about Covid. I guess it’s a thing to dream about now. Don’t remember it now, but just know it was odd. 

I want you both to know since hitting the 6 month mark, it so far is better.....don’t want to jinx myself, but it does seem better. I haven’t been thinking about it as much as before. Want you to know this to have something to possibly look forward to. Busy weekend. So off to bed.....sweet dreams Ladies!

CC to Loreficent

From: Loreficent


OMG! Now you crack me up! Cut up pictures....Oh boy...Hilarious! I might have to try that one. Yes. Humor is vital to survival, yes? Well...I ended up working the whole day as my relief didn’t show up. Sick apparently. So that was the first bad news. Second bad news is Pat and the Aunt ate all the ice cream AGAIN!  So now I worked all day, missed the Mountain when the Moon is gorgeous and still no ice cream. disappointed Good news though is I will not have to work next weekend to pay them back so should be able to get to the Mountain after she leaves...Yay!!
So Sturgeon moon, eh? Nice. There is a Sturgeon pond here at the Bonneville Dam. Has a viewing area underneath and you can watch those big old fish swim around...Wow. Impressive! So big. Like the Moon. Ha!

Just got home so this will be short and will reply more later but wanted to say how much I appreciated reading what you wrote as I was able to read it while at work but didn’t have time to reply. It totally made my day!! And Eve...no...I am not into the “herbals”! Haha! No, not my thing really. I gave the Aunt a drawer to put her medical herbal stuff in as last time she was careless and the dog got it and, yes, $700 at the Emergency Vet as a result. Ugh. I’m sorry you get lost in our conversation! That’s kind of funny though and makes me smile! 
But yeah...you wrote several things to get me thinking...about Michigan and water...dreams...and Pike! Mmmm... Memories for sure. Lazy hot summer nights, night swimming. Oh my. If only right now....

CC to Eve1973

From: Jatchat


Hi Musivore,

I can't say my quit experience was quite so intense but that's because I am using NRT and that somewhat tempers the situation, I was using 21 mg for 4 days but have cut back to 14 mg on day 5. I am using the occasional 4 mg lozenge with it I was a 30/day smoker quite heavy for 40 years, I am so grateful for the chance to give up smoking and look forward to the day when I can kiss the NRT goodbye, but nor before I have modified my thinking and behavior.

Congratulations on your quit

Kind regards



From: Loreficent


Oh...I’m ready for that soft glide you speak of. Actually...just reading it when you write that gives me a moment of escape. It just sounds so...peaceful. Like perhaps maybe a Mermaid might feel when the Moon is full and the waters calm and she has nothing better to do than just gently glide through the water and softly reach out and touch some of the creatures there, or perhaps just flow through, arms trailing behind, hair flowing out and at times washing in front of her face and with a subtle flick of her head the hair again washes behind leaving all the sea in her view for as far as she can see...shadows from the moon passing it’s light through the water creating the dancing movement of light on the sand below. I wonder if the depths of the ocean become quieter and calmer at night as things do on the land? I’ve not learned much about the creatures there and the distinction between diurnal and nocturnal. 
I do know I would love to be at the Coast tonight with the Sturgeon Moon that I just read all about. I also think there is something to my inner workings that seems to fluctuate some with the phases and I always sense a bit of sadness the nights after the full moon when I am aware of the waning and fading light. 
I can see the thought of Athena as being a bit odd that someone could muster the strength to do that. I could not for sure, but I definitely saw the beauty in it...and the totally surreal experience of watching it...it was the statement that struck me so. The baring of her flesh and the beauty of her poses with the backdrop of the Feds in all of their over-done riot gear and weapons. I wanted badly to venture to that side for a moment to have also the view they had with the protesters as the backdrop. I don’t think that would have held the same artistic element for me though as she would have just appeared as a naked woman in front of a bunch of people at night and it could have been construed with an entirely different meaning from that vantage point. Not to mention I was much safer where I was. I happened to move away from the guy vaping at just the right moment to have an unobstructed view of the entire scene and I am thankful now as I would have missed the whole scene. I would imagine none of those Feds being from PDX found the experience quite odd and they likely will not have that experience again... Yeah...kind of like a PDX version of Lady Godiva except the issue there was different and she wasn’t wearing a mask...

Yup...the beat goes on... Love how you put that by the way Peggy. 

Praying I get to walk off on my own some tonight. May have to vocalize that need...something I’m not always good at... still...making it without smokes so all is well. 


From: Loreficent


Oh, that is good news Eve about the 6 months! I was thinking (and hoping) that it will be a kind of mental milestone anyway as in halfway to a year, etc. Just sounds like an accomplishment. It is all an accomplishment, yes? An hour, a day, a week, etc. 

Does it seem a long time ago to you gals already? I do think the whole Covid thing has made this year seem a little slower, and, really...I’m ok with that. Time just goes too fast and it feels good to have slowed down. 
Yeah...dreams. Hmmm. Have been remembering them a few times a week now and even a month ago it was very rare for me to wake and remember a dream. Now...lots of them not that good and they make me feel anxious. Have had a few about smoking, but mostly these discombobulated chain of Covid events and people. One of them I was at the airports d I was the only one walking the one way towards boarding and the only one with a mask and everyone walking towards me did not have a mask and they wouldn’t look at me. That’s all I remember! Don’t even know where I was going. Then there was another one where I was just yelling in the street “ I got a swab!” Yeah...that was a dumb one too! So they aren’t dreams that make sense really. 
But I have developed a really good technique for doing the swab and it makes everyone so far feel better about it. Still...it all just is a downer at this point. Talked to my Doc on a Virtual Visit today and found him to to be really validating with all of it so that was good. He said keep walking, running, eating good, not smoking, etc as we all know this is gonna be around a while. 
Peggy...you are dreaming about foreign countries and dead people?? Man. I think I’d rather have the DC dreams (discombobulated Covid) as that’s what Pat calls them. He isn’t having them but sees that I am a bit rattled some mornings. One night I woke up crying! It woke him up and he was really sweet about it and came out and sat on the deck with me. That wasn’t a Covid or smoke dream. Just a dream. Anyway...Peggy...don’t think I could handle dead people dreams right now! I’m sorry that is happening. 

So...Eve...cheers to you friend on celebrating over 6 months now! So glad to hear you note a difference and am looking forward to that. It is better now already than a month ago, but better yet is always better!!

CC to euknight

From: Eve1973


Hey Lore,

See your Aunt not that bad! Phew! I bet you have picked her brain on the stopping smoking. I have a motto sometimes, don’t get to upset on something you can’t control. This of course if I remember to follow my own advice. 

Today I drove my new vehicle to work (usually drive the old one) because of Isisis storm, anyway got a flat tire, triple A rescued me and a rock hit my new Jeep. Seriously was I NOT supposed to drive/ go to work today? Anyway didn’t even think about smoking. So yes getting better, but not going to lie, other random moments I do think about it, but it’s just a blip, and I move on.

Sorry your having so many weird dreams, this Covid is screwing with everyone’s head I think. Maybe yours more because being more on the front lines. 

Yes this has gone by quickly for me and other times I think slow. My new saying is before Covid BC, after Covid AC. It puts a timeline in it. I think you will definitely be at a turning point soon and hopefully be at peace. 

Are you still using the patch? I have started the process of weaning off the Chantix. Going really slow! Started a journal.


From: Loreficent


Oh no! Sorry about the rock. Yes, AAA worth having, right? You getting a lot of rain now? Glad it doesn’t make you want to smoke. Yup...blips. Just wanna keep staying under the radar...from smoking, from Covid, from tear gas, from snarky people, all of it! Yeah, Aunt not so bad, but I have 4 more days yet. I do love her dearly. I am a person who needs SPACE. Yes, very gregarious to those in passing and in stores and at work, etc, and truly enjoy other humans but in small quantities and doses. Which in passing makes that perfect. Pat tells me how he can’t believe I’ll strike up conversations out and about and am so quiet at home and always need to take walks alone, etc. So, Aunt went with me down to see John the Agave, which is probably not even a mile away and it took half an hour to get there! I just can’t walk that slowly for long. Trust me...I talk more on here than I have probably anywhere! But I attribute most of it to times when I would have been sitting down reading and smoking. And...I love the connections I’ve made with my Forum Friends!! Mostly just natter here about stuff that flows through my mind. Which is mostly not much, haha!

Yeah...and now we just find ways to make work humorous, which can’t always be done, but, we did have a PPE fashion show and it was hilarious! Somehow we got these extra large gowns that were made for someone way bigger than me...arms a good 6-8 inches longer than mine, and even in my clogs which make make me a couple few inches taller,  it was dragging on the floor like a blue plastic wedding gown with a train. And we had to use them cause it is all we had. They were even long on our folks who are like 5’8”. Yeah...we’ve made some good funny videos. And we got our bet pool going too...sick, I know. Not looking forward to flu season. At all. So, stopping those thoughts now and moving on!

Taking the Aunt in a bit here to the beach...late start, but will come back after sunset. Pat gonna entertain her while I go to work for a break tomorrow, haha! She talks all the time. Non stop. Even right now while I’m writing. And gets all excited about stuff she is reading on internet news and yells out loud...pretty funny! Oh, and she likes my one Kombucha with the Mango/Cayenne so that made me feel good. Saw somewhere you and Peggy talking about the ones with Ginger that you buy. Well...the Ginger in the store bought ones is way too strong for me too! Making your own is so good as you can control the amounts of stuff like that and it is fun to experiment too. Do you like honey? I bottled one yesterday that is Jun and didn’t flavor as the honey I used was this Star Thistle Honey and man....so good all on its own! Can’t wait for it to get bubbly!! After Aunt goes I’m gonna try my hand at one with alcohol, which requires a third ferment. I don’t drink alcohol really so will give that away mostly. Get my friends drunk, haha! Not me. Nope. Having a hard enough time these days being sober...can’t imagine being not all there. 
Well...stay dry over there!

Oh...came back to ask if you’ve seen Jersey on here? Or Ana in Portugal? Hope they are ok!! Miss them.