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I’m back and this time I’m not turning back!   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started May-18 by cbeel5; 1300 views.

From: cbeel5


Hi everyone,

I joined a while back and fell of the wagon for many reasons but thru that process the desire in my heart to quit smoking never left. I’m looking forward to the support, to offer support to my fellow quitters and get a ton of inspiring stories and info. Day 1.

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From: Eve1973


Hi cb,

Welcome back! How long were you quit last time? Are you using any NRTs? Hope we can keep you from lapsing again! 

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From: tractoman


My last smoke was on April, 23rd. Been smoking since high school and am using patches. So far I am holding strong and I think the patches are key but I am also ready to be done with this. No more worrying about running low on cigs, no more having one last smoke before entering the airport etc. I am pretty focused but I am here to tell you, if I can do it, so can you. 

Stay strong and don;t let the cigarettes run your life.

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From: alexisfree


Welcome back CBeel!  Stay on the forum ALL THE TIME.  It helped me so much thru those first few months.  It was vital to my recovery!  You can do it!

Drink cold ice water thru a straw, eat chocolate, drink tea (I love Balance Grow Honey Ginger Citron), walk all the time, and read and post all the stuff you can about cessation.  It is HARD, but once those receptors die, you're GOLDEN!  It really works!  Best of luck to you!


From: Lisataylor44


i quit cold turkey and this is the third week and am going crazy to light one!! Just one drag and i will be ok. This is such a stupid addiction.  


From: Lisataylor44


Hi Alex,

when do those receptors finally die? am in third week and everything is going crazy!! The craving is just too high and am not unable to concentrate on anything. i get irritated so easily.

Cold water and chocolates are not helping. 



From: DebraAnne60


I used Halls cough drops to help out.  Breath deeply after sucking on one of those seemed to help because of the sensation in the throat.  Drink lots of cold water.   You are doing amazing and you are almost there.  You have gotten through the 3 weeks and just need a few more days, you will find some relief.  YOu do not want to go back to where you started.  YOu have come too far not to keep going now.

Keep doing those deep breathing exercises and stay the course.  Your brain is shutting down those receptors demanding cigarettes.  I was on the same course as you and now, I have no issues with cravings at all.  

Keep thinking to yourself, you hate cigarettes, you dont want cigarettes and you can have anything else but cigarettes.  

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From: smanderson01


I just gave in to a craving and I feel terrible! I’m back on the ex-smoker wagon again just like you. We will get thru this!! 


From: Lisataylor44


Dont!! Put it in your mouth but dont light it. Please STOP feeding the monster, that is the only way we will all come out of this mess. of course i cry every night and my hubby is standing strong to support me. Kids are young and they dont understand much of this. 



From: livtoswim


Hi smanderson01- 

You are not an ex-smoker your a non-smoker.   Yes you will get thru this.  It's really hard.  I am a repeat offender.   It seems to getting better for me as time goes by.

When those cravings hit, for me, is really tough the thought overcomes me.  I have to work hard not to give in.  Then the feeling goes away like nothing ever happened. It's so crazy.  Just know it comes and thankfully it goes.   Keep going. 

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