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7 years free   Quit Stories and Journals

Started May-21 by Rick342day; 443 views.

From: Rick342day


 Today I am 7 years free. And I've learned some things along the way.  One thing is that quitting is indeed a process and not a one time event. Also, a big gain for me was learning about deep breathing. Being able to calm yourself naturally with oxygen is oh so refreshing.
And critically, remember that you're not alone. Those who may remember me from the  Forum family may remember that I lost my sister at in later 2015 and then my mother on my five year quit day, to years ago today.  And am now through most of that.... And right here in the Covid Emergency with you!
And as reading helps us  I want to share a story with you . See, a while back I was encouraged by someone to write about many things, including my quit. In doing this I could see that the process of quitting can also be thought of as a journey. So in honor of my seven years of freedom from nicotine, I will share my quit story with you. And before I begin, I want to tell you about the quit journal that I started here called Rick's recovery from relapse. I will post a link for it  at the end of this post .

In  very late 2012 I had a  nine month quit,  Then I decided to join the smokers on a patio one evening. To state it briefly that night started a five month relapse. By mid January, which was just two weeks later, my life was of course totally controlled by the addiction. By then I had bought my first e cig so that when I took a bathroom break while working I could sneak off into the most remote stall in the Men's room and hide teenager style and get my fix. And I did so every day while working.  ,. I hit the e cig when I first got up. Then took the long way to work so that I would have enough time to smoke two 'real' cigs. before getting there. Then came the ''bathroom breaks'', and visiting  that remote stall in the very back of the Men's room. After work  of course I took the long way back home and had my two cigs. Then as I was a closet smoker at home  depending on the situation I averaged between one and two fixes be they either real cigs. or e cigs an hour. . When I think about the total consumption I was inhaling well over a pack a day, And by the end of March the congestion had returned. By early April the occasional cough was happening. Soon followed the halfhearted attempts to quit again. And they never lasted as long as a whole day.
By mid April the congestion was worse than it had been when I had began the nine month quit over a year earlier in March of 2012. I began to worry about my health but as I didn't have health insurance at the time I didn't have a doctor. I was really beginning to feel trapped. By early May I was having to spend time in the bathroom when I first got out of bed to try to clear out all of the phlegm. I was also trying to clear out my system after my e cig. fixes at work. I began to fear the color of my spit a it kept getting darker and closer to red in color. I needed to see a doctor soon. But life was good in other areas.he, it was spring and it was time to enjoy grilling out. As I noted in my Journal on the Forum I tried to do a web search for smoker grills on Monday night May 20, 2013 and ended up discovering the Forum. lol
That evening I spent six sold hours just reading, with occasional breaks to go hit my e cig. And by the time that I went to bed that night I had resolved that the next day when i ran out of real cigs. on the way home from work that I would began a new quit. So here I am seven years later I am living a healthy life with long walks and good lung capacity, And it's largely because I have not smoked since four thirty on the afternoon of May 21, 2013.

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Congratulations Rick! You and I quit together back in 2013. Life sure is different these days. Your quit story will surely inspire many new quitters. And, as you say this is a journey and a wibbly wobbly one like Jenn used to say. The pits and valleys of ups and downs all fades away over time and the longer we all stick with something the better we get at it including this wicked tough drug addiction. Hope you stay safe and healthy during this pandemic. Onto year 8 for you! relaxed

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013

Hi Rick,

Congratulations on seven years quit.  That is awesome!!

You were one of the folks i kept up with when I quit  back in March of 2015.  I felt your pain over your sister and mom and you kept quit.  You were an inspiration to me.  



From: Rick342day


Thanks Debbie. Of course I remember you. And you've helped a lot of people get though those early days of the quit when the receptors are still more or less at full strength.  It is good to be on the backs ode of some trying times and hopefully someday we will look back on the current emergency and reflect on what we've learned and how this current trial has made us stronger.

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From: Rick342day


Thanks Marge. And thank you for helping others in the mod role. I'm glad that you've been able to be there for people.

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From: Eve1973


Loved your story and congratulations! 


From: Rick342day


Thank you Eve. Everything will get better the further you get away from nicotine. Stay strong and you will be very happy that you did  as many, including I, am now,

Best wishes,

Rockin' the quit since May 21, 2013


From: Janinelove


Congratulations 7 years of being free. Onward to 10 years free.

Nicotine free since August 25, 2016


From: livtoswim


Hi Rick342day, 

I love your story.  It could be my story.  Thank you for posting.  It was very helpful for the start of my day not to smoke today.  23 days. 


From: Rick342day


Thanks Janine. And your coming up on 4 years, great going.  :)