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Congraluations LORE -- 3 month anniversary!!    General Chit-Chat

Started May-24 by JerseyDee; 559 views.

From: JerseyDee


Today is month three for Lore (Lori)! .. Please join me in wishing her congratulations!  Job Well Done!  And how how is kitty doing Lori? .. Been thinking of you and him .. hoping all is OK . not too stressful to cause you to light up .. stress can be hard in sticking the quit .. but you have come way too far to give it all up now.  Stay on course .. you ARE winning!

Three Months Down.  Yay!  .. Keep in the Great Work!  

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From: SusanK1960


Hey Lori,

Hooray!  Three months and 1 day smoke free! So very proud of you!  


From: Loreficent


Oh, thank you all so much!!

Could not have gotten here without you all, so, really, THANK YOU!!!

Just got home from work and am really tired or would expound more.

Maybe tomorrow!

Thank you!

Hey Lori,

3 months is fantastic.  You are well on your way to freedom.



From: Elizaquits


Belated congratulations!!

3 months is amazing!! I hope you treat yourself! :)

Awesome job getting through The Icky 3's. These past weeks are the most challenging and you've proven you can punch that nicotine monster in the nose. As the next phases of the quit continue to nip away at you make sure to read through your past posts to see how far you've come. That "Just One" thinking teases us but taming that inner voice can be accomplished by taking this one day at a time, deep breathing, staying busy and drinking water instead of inhaling those poisons. I truly wish you the best of luck conquering this monster once and for all. Way to Go! Onto month 4 for you. relaxed

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013


From: Jatchat


Congratulations Lore, well done, keep kicking those cigarette thoughts to the curb

Kind regards



From: Loreficent


Thank you Debbie! 
As you know...so much is owed to this lovely Forum and the folks like you who stick around or come back and cheer us on. This has truly made the most profound impact on me and my life in so many ways...

Thank you for leading the way!!!