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SOS .. Wrestling with "just one" thoughts again ...    Quit Support

Started May-25 by JerseyDee; 1117 views.

From: JerseyDee


I do not know what is bringing this on but again right now i am wresting with the notion of getting a smoke off neighbor .. keep thinking 'it's just one" .. I just want one.  

I took a walk this morning and did some shopping online and am chewing my gum at the moment .. but I still want just one cigarette. I am sending out this post as an SOS if anyone is online right now.  Help .. I am in a crisis.  Why is this happening? 

i calculated that I have been quit 81 days now .. didn't smoke 2,430 cigarettes during that time.  Dang it.  I need STRENGTH right now to get through this.   Anyone out there?

Hey Dee.

Go into your deep breathing and don't smoke that cigarette.  It will leave you disappointed and unsatisfied unless you have another and another and another.  Cry , scream, go walk and deep breath.  Look how far you have come.


Remember Your Reasons for Quitting

  • Were you sick and tired of smoking?
  • Were you living in fear of contracting a smoking-related illness?
  • Did you hate that you couldn't stop smoking?
  • Did you have a chronic cough or shortness of breath?
  • Were you embarrassed by your smoking habit?
  • Did you spend a lot of time wishing you could quit smoking, once and for all?

From: JerseyDee


Thank you Marge.  Yes, I was embarrassed that I smoked.  It was a hassle.  I tried to hide it often.  I desperately wanted to be quit.  I didn't have the money.  It stunk.  It was a hinderance to life.  I absolutely hated it.

I smell good now.  I haven't been a prisoner for 12 weeks now (thought it was 10, but actually has been 12) .. I can do this .. I am going to breath deep and eat some crunchy cucumbers in olive oil and garlic now a distraction.

Thank you for quick response.


From: DebraAnne60


Ice cold drink, straw - breath deeply, remember why you quit and how far you have come - you do not want to go back to the beginning and have to start over but mostly, think about this,

If you smoke that cigarette, it will not taste the way you think it will, you will choke and cough and gag, and they you will try to take another draft and again, you will gross yourself out.  You are romancing that smoke.   If you continue to reteach yourself to smoke, you will loose everything you gained. 

Drink more ice water, breath deeper, hummmmmm - don't smoke ewwwww, yuk


From: DebraAnne60


Don't forget, you can't just have one....


From: DebraAnne60


If you can get past this Tsunami Crave you will be rewarded with a large portion of the peace of mind you get for remaining smoke free.  This is the beginning of the peace that everyone talks about.  To get it, you have to remain smoke free.  You can do this.  


From: Elizaquits



You already pledged NOPE today.. so, I'm sorry - you simply just can't smoke. 

It is happening because we are addicts, and cigarettes WERE our preferred drug! You don't really want one, and I bet you could name 5 reasons why you actually don't. I think your first one would be how nice you smell now - what would be the point of getting that new perfume you picked out if you were only going to smoke? 

That and you have probably already saved over $1,000 by not smoking  (you know since we have quit NJ raised the tax by almost 2 dollars I think... so imagine how much they are now??)- do some more online shopping and treat yourself! You deserve everything but smoking. 

Please check in/do not leave the forum until you know you wont smoke! It is not worth it and we both know it. 


From: SusanK1960


It is Junkie thinking.  You have to fight your urges and impulses.  I know it feels like you have been fighting for so long and it is easier to give up, however, that is what makes this journey so tough is you have to FIGHT those THOUGHTS!  Instead of giving in, instead imagine how disappointed you would feel that you gave in, for just that 30 minutes of feeling good, or those receptors that have gone done so far are reawakened by the nicotine that you now have to put back to sleep and all the battles you have fought this far now mean nothing.  You have showed your strength this far, which means you have to go deeper to find it.  You are tough and fight for this, as you started by stopping, so don’t stop by starting!


From: Eve1973


You are doing ok? I hope you are! Stop going to that neighbor!

just wave and move on! It’s that junkie thinking! You will be so mad at yourself! Check in soon!