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I will quit   Quit Support

Started May-26 by AliceMay5; 489 views.

From: AliceMay5


Thank you for all your support.  I'm not one who accepts support, but in this case I feel I will do so. I will post every day to tell how I am doing mentally and see my progress.  I also have the app "Smoke Free".  It told me in my last attempt - 8 days that I had saved around $250!  This was a great outcome and inspires me.   Today 7.450 I am committed to stop by the end of the month, however I make a choice not to buy another packet of cigarettes.  I find it almost impossible to throw away remaining cigarettes. As with alcohol I know I will not drink again.  I know I can quit as I have much practice in this respect. I am now ready for a new and will post again tonight.  In the meantime I will read a lot of posts.


From: Loreficent


Alice...one moment at a time. Surely we have all been there, and we will be here for you. Just trust yourself to let it go. Cigarettes will always be there, at least here in the US if that is where you are. Big tobacco has far far too strong of a stranglehold here for it to become a thing of the past in our lifetime. Like you said...it comes down to choice. We are gonna be here either way, so just remember you’ve got something in your back pocket.