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6th day   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started May-27 by Lisataylor44; 1516 views.

From: Lisataylor44


Hello ALL, 

on my 6th day here. just thought would register here for some comfort.

am not getting proper sleep in the night and wake up quite early. 

After dinner the craving is just too high. Dont know if its nicotine craving or pschological. 

Hi Lisa,

Welcome to the Forum.  I remember having lots of trouble sleeping when I quit.  Even when I was tired I felt restless at night.  One of the things that helped me was listening to sleep music on U Tube.  Check out the links below.  Hope you will stay with us for support and information on nicotine addiction.

How to Know if You've Got Quitter's Flu

When Quitting Makes It Hard To Sleep


From: JerseyDee


Hello there.  Welcome.  You are making a great life decision in quitting this horrible addiction.  I am nearly 3 mos in and it *can* be a bumpy road but am so glad I made this decision.  I post here frequently and this board has been insturmental in my quit.  You will find many resources here and a tremendous amount of support.  The others here *get it* when others in your life, non smokers. have truly no idea what you are going through.

How long have you been smoking?  How many a day?  Is this your first attempt to quit?  How are you feeling on day 7 now? .. firs week was one of the hardest hurdles I found .. week two was a snap in comparison.

Look forward to hearing back!  

- Deana

3/5/20 - found the path to freedom


From: Lisataylor44


Hi Dee,

I have been smoking for the past 18 years. 1 pack a day. Tried to quit couple of times earlier but failed miserably.

Right now, craving is still present especially after my lunch and dinner.

Because i used to smoke 2 or 3 cigarettes after dinner and hit bed. Mostly its habitual. i wouldn't call this a nicotine craving. But after lunch is sure a nicotine craving.


From: Lisataylor44


Hello SlowBlumer,

Many thanks for your reply, Actually this is a good forum to talk it out and reduce some cravings. R u getting your sleep properly now? How long does it take to get back the sleep routine? Am really getting tensed. will certainly try those youtube music. 

Thanks for the links and looking forward to your reply.


From: JerseyDee


Hello Lisa.

Wow .. we are on similar paths ... After lunch & dinner is my bugaboo as well.  I chew two pieces of nicotene gum a day .. one after lunch and one after dinner.  I can not imagine doing this without that crutch and applaud you if you are going about this cold turkey.  GOOD ON YOU!

Glad you found this board.  Good luck on day 7.  You can do this!  Hang tough and stick close to this forum when times get rough!

Hi Lisa,

It's  different for us all.  I have seen people do just fine after about 6 weeks in sleeping.  For me it took many months, as I smoked over 40 years.  It was 6 months till I felt I had 'normal' sleep whatever that is.   I slept better on the days I pushed myself physically.  I climbed stairs till I was exhausted, walked around the outside of my house and did any and everything I could do to tire myself out during the day.

There are lots of good tips here to make life a little easier on this journey so keep on reading.   If you can start at the beginning of the May Ex-Smoker's thread and read all the articles along the way, and get to know some of your quit buddy's.  I never thought I could quit smoking but this forum made the difference.  

Here are the tools I learned here that helped me the best:

                                                                 My Favorite Craving Busters    

The morning is a good time to battle the brain’s messages with truth.  Tell yourself you feel this way because of nicotine addiction and that you are going to beat it.  Keep telling yourself you can do this and that you will get your freedom. Say it out loud every day to yourself.

As soon as you feel the crave come on, distract yourself immediately, do something else. If you are healthy, exercise, walk or do aerobics. When you feel like you are going to bust, climb up and down the steps or just get up and walk and walk. If I had to do it again, I would get a punching bagJ

Keep redirecting your mind to the truth about nicotine and cigarettes.  Remind yourself that cigarettes were killing you slowly.  Remember, how long nicotine addiction controlled you. It controlled me over 40 years.

Drink as much ice water as possible.  When cravings are very bad, drink the whole glass down.

Sit in an upright chair and take 5-10 slow deep breaths.  It calms down that panicky feeling.

Come to the forum and read. Try to support someone that is struggling.  It will help you at the same time.

Pledge not to smoke at the beginning of every day.

Read as many articles in the library as possible. You need to know your enemy to defeat it. Get educated on nicotine addiction and the tools to get through the rough times. You can actively overcome self-defeating thoughts.  I learned that here.

Keeping a journal will help you cope.  Write down your feelings.  Write down all phrases or posts that inspire you along the journey.  Go back and reread when you feel like you are in a fog.  You will see the progress you are making right before your eyes.

Find yourself a little hobby you can go to when you don’t know what to do with yourself and want to focus on something.  I put together Legos of all sizes for 6 months. It helped enormously.  A friend of mine bought large jigsaw puzzles and worked on it a little every day. One buddy loved adult coloring books.

If you are not sleeping well, check out the meditative music on U tube. Some of them are 8 hours long and very relaxing.

Put on some favorite, loud music and sing at the top of your lungs. 

Find things that make you laugh.  It releases pent up emotions and good chemicals in our bodies.

Don’t be afraid to have a good cry.  That does the same thing.

Let the junkie thoughts go by like a movie, try not to let them bother you.  They are just thoughts.



From: Lisataylor44


Wow such a lovely message!! My problem is am still in the 6th day and i want the days to pass faster. i know am asking for something impossible. Craving increases especially when u drink wine at night. Husband has been really supportive in all this. He has also stopped smoking and drinking to support me.

But all said and done life is in tipsy turvy for both of us and its becoming challenging every minute and hour. Due to insomnia driving is also affected. 

Luckily schools are closed due to this lockdown and that is the only relief as of now. 

Like you said i have been drinking ice water from day one and it really helps. 

Also we have been walking everyday for past 1 month  in the neighborhood and have made some friends as well. That is really helping us especially talking to friends. 

Thank you once again for your concern and i will surely keep in touch. 


From: Loreficent


Hi Lisa..

Good Job. Time goes by before you know it. Stay present in the moment as you don’t want to miss all the good things too, right? 
Ive learned some hard lessons recently about slowing down. Read around on here. Lots of good stuff to keep distracted with. In the grand scheme of things, a few weeks of pain will be very well worth it. 
Time will go as it does, just remember when you are trying to rush it for one thing, something else may suffer...


From: Lisataylor44


Hello Loreficient!!

Sorry just saw your message. Today is day 8 and craving is still there. Especially in the night. i almost lit a cigarette yesterday night. I gather its mostly psychological. 

i wish time would just run and i want to be in week 3 wherein all these cravings go past. Do they? Or am just reading too much.