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Quitting   General Chit-Chat

Started May-27 by NewmanO; 100 views.

From: NewmanO



I haven't had a smoke for 5 weeks now but am still getting the occasional craving. These are manageable as I genuinely don't want to smoke, even when I have a craving. However, these cravings are obviously disruptive, so I'm just wondering: do the cravings end? If so, when? And, if I was to have a smoke would it put me back to square 1?


From: SandDuneTwo


Yes, the cravings end.  Promise.  Every time you go thru a craving without smoking, your brain is “rewiring” that pathway so the cravings become farther apart & less intense.  And one day you’ll look up in surprise to realize you can’t exactly remember the last time you had a craving.  The important thing is to not smoke; your brain will do the rest of the work for you.  Good job on the one month!  


From: SandDuneTwo


Something that helped me with cravings was to learn that the most intense craving is the first time we do an activity without using nicotine-  like the first time I had morning coffee w/out a cigarette, or went fishing, hang out with friends or take a road trip.   If my brain associated the activity w/nicotine, it would buzz like a beehive wondering what’s up w/this?  So each time I did the activity again (w/out smoking) there might be a craving but it lessened- a lot!   Then I  started getting curious about hmmmm, what is it about this particular activity/time of day/ place that’s causing a craving?  It felt like I was regaining self control  by knowing myself better than the addiction knew me.  Anyway, it helped my quit.  Good job on staying quit. 

Hi Newman,


The cravings will end but it will take some time and patience to get there.  You are still new in your quit so keep at it.  We have a phrase around here,

'If I have just one I will be right back where I started and where I started was desperately wishing I could be where I am today'.

There is no Such Thing as One Cigarette.