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NOPE Pledge Friday May 29th ...    General Chit-Chat

Started May-29 by JerseyDee; 169 views.

From: JerseyDee


Good Morning. Closing in on June .. can you believe it?  I have a jam packed day at work today but glad to have  the job as I'd rather be working than wasting away in lock down as I was for nearly 6 weeks .. ugh .. I didn't adjust well to that : ( 

Hair is a rat's nest by now.  No idea when salons are going to be opening up again.  I am sure many of you get that as well!

It's going on 7;00 am now and I am right on track for my early morning.  Yoga was oh so relaxing this morning and I am ready to take on this Friday ahead.  TGIF!!

Going to be a humid day, however, but glad we are finally out of the unseasonable cold!  Hope weather is wherever it is you want it to be in your neck of the woods today.

This weekend I am going to write a long update that I have to share with my forum friends here.  No time right now .. but maybe tomorrow morning I will get to that.  Need to share this quit tale/story that happened to me and where I am "at".

Thank you for listening and ALL of that said I am here to take my NOPE Pledge.  I am extended my hand out to others.  Please join me with your daily pledge this Friday morning on the eve of rolling into June on Monday!  Have a great smoke free day!


From: kittymom413


Hi there, Dee,

looks like there are  2 NOPE pledge feeds today smile so here I am, pledging again...NOPE, NOPE, NOPE. Not smoking, no way, no how, never again!! Who wants to take my hand to join us in making this simple, but powerful pledge? Here, take my hand...

Have a great smoke free weekend, everyone,

Kitty cat


From: DbAnne


I will NOPE pledge over and over again, without hesitation.  Here is a pic of what is known as the Badlands, in Ontario.  It is just a few miles north of Mississauga, Ontario and it really just looks like red rollover rocks but it is also very unique to all of Ontario.

This Hiking Spot In Ontario Is So Unique That It Will Literally ...

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From: euknight


Love being able to do a double NOPE pledge!!  Happily take your hand DbAnne from Ontario.  You live in a marvelous place.  Nature is a great healer for sure.

Thank you for the awesome pics you share!  Nothing like a beautiful view to clear the mind.  I look over a valley to the south.  I have to admit that porch is still a little uncomfortable to me.  I am loving coffee more now which is strange but I’ll take it!!!

Blessings and clean air,




From: SusanK1960





From: Jatchat


Congratulations Peggy, three weeks, well done.

I would like to take this opportunity to Pledge Nope today, it's rather late in the day here, I invite others to join us

Kind regards