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Poem- Unicorn and His Star, by SUZ7a   Philosophy and Poetry

Started May-30 by SUZ7a; 92 views.

From: SUZ7a


Unicorn and His Star 

 If I am like a burning star, 
Aloft, alit, a light afar, 
Outside your house, that floats above, 
Glowing bright, a sparkling speck of epic love, 
Shining in the night, 
Then you must be my unicorn, 
Unaware his magic horn - 
No clue to what it’s horn can do; 
No sense of its mysterious splendor, lovely through and through; 
To him, he’s but a lowly creature, 
Unaware his grace and lovely face and every other handsome feature. 
And gazing up to common skies, 
In darkened night, his thoughts are caught between his eyes. 
Star-struck on his, one in a million, so far out! 
His star gives him lots to dream and think about. 
But his star, when looked another way, 
Is a sun that could define one’s day. 

 Tho in your daylight I must hide, 
When other beams shine far & wide, 
Still you love me, seen against the dark. 
And I love you, all lore and lure aside, 
Including horny hallmark.    - By SUZ7a