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Poem- The Gift, by SUZ7a   Philosophy and Poetry

Started May-31 by SUZ7a; 84 views.

From: SUZ7a



The Gift 

 A healthy heart can make a gift, 
As sweet to give as is to take, 
It’s sake to give a life a lift, 
Or mend another’s heartbreak. 

What sweeter gift than that of love 
 Can fill an empty, saddened soul? 
The great command by God above 
To make His people whole. 

 Tho commonly it oft sneaks by 
Without catching ear or eye, 
To some, the gift comes as divine, 
A blessed gift of God’s design, 
A sign of His compassionate ways, 
An answer to a lowly cry, 
In lieu of living empty days 
Til the empty heart should die. 

 To those, their gift is like the sun, 
That lifts the dark to light their way; 
The difference between night and day, 
Like a whole new life begun. 

- By SUZ7a