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NOPE Pledge Tuesday June 2 ...    General Chit-Chat

Started Jun-2 by JerseyDee; 197 views.

From: JerseyDee


Good Morning.  A nice spring day here to be smoke free.  Getting on with my early morning here and collecting my thoughts.  Have some goals today I need to work though but the main objective is to do that while I work through any cravings. 

Yesterday I chewed some extra sugar free bubble gum .. what a resource! .. Got me right over a craving hurdle.  Am going to pick up a ton more if it at the dollar store this weekend.  For now it is one day at a time and on this new day I Pledge NOPE again and am ready to take on this day as a non-smoker!

I am leaving you this morning with a quote I am embracing for the day.  Hope it is of help in someway to you as well.  Have  great smoke free day! ; )  .. Who will be next to join this pledge? ...

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From: Ovivi


Great quote, Dee!

Im here pledging another NOPE today. I let smoking define me for 37 years. Not one more second of one more day, ever.

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From: kittymom413


Hi all,

Just stopped by real quick to make my daily pledge of NOPE! Not One Puff Ever, that's a promise, not only to myself but to all of my forum family, too! Who wants to join us in our pledge today? Here, take my hand...we are stronger together!

Have an amazing smoke free day,

Kitty cat


From: Ginger3077


I've got your hand Kitty and I also will pledge my daily NOPE. Who's going to be next ?

Kicked the butt 8/1/19


From: Jatchat


Hi Ginger,

I will be next, I am celebrating one month smoke free, come to the party, In addition I would like to pledge NOPE for today, and invite others to a pledge party celebration, bring your party hat. 

Kind regards



From: euknight


Hey Anthony....Proudly take your hand and join y’all on this fabulous smoke free day and NOPE Pledge

One Month Anniversay par tae to celebrate you...whooooooohoooooo

so I was looking at hats and thought these were apprapo for our motley crew........So happy for you!!  Hooray!!!  Congrats, friend.  Who will join this pledge par tae.......?.??


From: Eve1973


Hi a lil late today......but still smoke free. Pledging my NOPE!