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NEW - Introduction   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Jun-2 by Heatherfree; 526 views.

From: Heatherfree


Hello Everyone! I just joined this group as I have to find a new way to quit smoking - I need support and friends to get me through this. A little background - I have been smoking since I was 16 years old - I have had a few quits over the years but ALWAYS give in to my junkie addiction. This year I quit smoking on October 28, 2020 and had 5 solid months and then I just gave away my quit. Working from home was a big trigger - work was a great way to get through each day smoke free - once we were all locked in our homes - my addiction won. Here I am 2 months after starting again and of course I am thinking about when I will quit everyday and I keep smoking while I consider this. So this morning I got up and promised myself I would start the first step - education and support. So today I will read the homework list suggested in the newcomer session, I do not have a quit date yet - but hope I will choose one shorty.  

I know my areas of weakness - the main one being I still feel like I am missing out on something when I am not smoking - I still believe the cigarette does something for me besides feeding me nicotine. its like I know logically it is an addicition plan and simple and I started feeding the monster and here I am - smoking and feeling lost and hopeless. I would welcome any suggestions or help to get me choose a date and throw the smokes away. 

I am excited to meet more people who truly understand what it is like to live with this addiction. 


From: DbAnne


Hello, welcome,

I strongly recommend reading Allan Carr's Easy Way to Quit Smoking here is link for on-line:  http://prdupl02.ynet.co.il/ForumFiles_2/15119301.pdf 

if you have not yet read it.  


Hi there Heather,

Welcome.   I hope you will pick a quit date soon.  You are wise to prepare yourself.  Having a plan increases your chances for success if you are determined to quit.  

The 'missing' of quitting causes many a relapse.  It is something that we all must go through without smoking to succeed.

Read as much as you can so you know your enemy up and down before you quit.

Best wishes.

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From: Nope62


Welcome!  I'm replying to your post to let you know that you are not alone. I have a very similar issue with staying quit over the long haul. I've quit for over four months and given my will back to the nicotine beast in my brain.

Read everything you can. ModMarge always gives out great information!

Research " Romancing the cigarette" There are many videos and a lot to read about on this subject because it is a common problem for a lot of quitters, to include me. I hope this in some way helps.

You say "I know my areas of weakness" That could well be true, but I would concentrate on the second one "I still believe the cigarette does something for me besides feeding me nicotine" I don't believe that! You are a nicotine addict, just like me and the others here. There is nothing else in a cigarette that could possibly be calling you back, but the nicotine.

Your a strong minded person or you couldn't have quit for five months! You just need to quit thinking that a cigarette is not anything other than what it really is! Nasty, Harmful to Your health, and in Control of Your Mind!

Good Luck with your next quit!

Take Care!

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From: MelizaK


Hi Heather. Today is day 2 for me. More specifically about 47 hours, but who’s counting). I’m dealing with the same things you talked about. I have quit before, three times. The first two times was because I got pregnant with my children. I typically started back up again a few months after they were born. The last time I quit was after a bought with the flu. I hadn’t smoked for several days so I figured I might as well try quitting. This is the first time I’ve actually made the decision to quit for myself. 
My neighbor, who is a smoker, just had surgery for throat cancer. That was some good motivation. When I’m smoking I always think how once I quit, I’ll do this and that and it’ll be great. But now that I’m 2 days deep, all I can think about is the sun on the porch and how great it would feel to sit out there with a cigarette. Yesterday was hard. Today is too. I’ve eaten 3 popsicles.

How did other people get throUgh these thoughts?

Hi Melizak,

Welcome.  Coming onto the forum and posting to other quitters often helps and reading all you can to pick up tools and tips for this battle will do a lot to support you.  Motivation is a key factor and it sounds like you are motivated.

Hope these articles help.   Take it one day at a time.

Practical Tips for Your First Smoke-Free Week

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From: Nope62


HI! Your doing great! I can tell that you don't think so, but you are. If you haven't made a list of the reasons you quit in the first place, you should do so. When you get a craving or urge, pull that out and read it. Seriously consider each item on that list.

Yes, other people get through these urges and cravings. There is not a craving or urge that can't be beat long enough for it to pass. Make another list of the ways you are going to get past the short amount of time that the urge or craving lasts. Drink water, eat crushed ice, suck on hard candy, walk around in or out of the house, make yourself an air straw, etc. Read about how others have gotten past these periods of cravings and urges. It's work, but if you stick with it the urges and cravings will become less intense and further apart over time. If you have a supporter, someone you know, who wants you to succeed, make a promise to yourself that you will talk to that person before you give in to the nicotine monster. Keep that promise to yourself! 

Everyone's quit is different, but if you fight these urges and cravings long enough you will notice that you have the tools to overcome each and everyone of them. Don't limit your motivation to quit smoking to just throat cancer, as bad as that is, there are many other health issues that are just as bad and many that are deadly. I was surprised to learn that more smokers die from Cardio Vascular issues than Cancer. Keep up the Great Fight for Your Future Health!

Take Care!


From: DbAnne


First step - read Allan Carr's Easy Way to Quit Smoking

Link -  http://prdupl02.ynet.co.il/ForumFiles_2/15119301.pdf

To get rid of the thoughts that you miss smoking.  Second, do not think of this as something you are giving up.  Think of it as something you are not going re-start.  You have already done the hard part.  You quit.  Now you just have to stay that way.  

Stick close to the forum - and read the articles in the Discussions.  

We are here for you.  Let us know when we can help.


From: Heatherfree


THANK YOU and Congrats on your TWO days - I think the first week is the worst - probably why I am avoiding it. Yes I understand the triggers everywhere - new season with tons of times smoking away... I really wanted this summer to be smoke free for me and I know by coming here I would hold myself accountable to what I want deep down inside 


From: Heatherfree


Thank you for your kind words, they really hit home for me. Most of all I feel the support coming through the computer - I really need that. I started on my homework today and here is my list for wanting to be FREE

Health - the cough I have is chronic and awful - I hate it - when I was not smoking for 5 months I loved the freedom of feeling strong breaths. I miss it. I do not want to be sick and put myself and family through that.

Family - My son was so proud of me when I quit I think his daily reminder was a big part of my success - I have not told him I started smoking again - but I do plan too I just want to be a couple days into my quit before I fess up - hubby is supportive - but not a real cheerleader or one to say he is proud of you. He was very disappointed when I started again. My daughter has never really said anything - but she is 15 so always a bit moody LOL

Money - It is soooo expensive and I am not a couple of  smokes a day - so it adds up and it also adds up in my savings account when I am not smoking. 

Social Life - This one is hard to admit - but the minute I hear we are going somewhere or doing something - I wonder when and where I will be able to smoke and if I can't I often avoid the function - How crazy is that? As I write it down I realize this is holding me back and affecting my friendships. 

Be my authentic self - when I am not smoking I feel so much better about everything - no hiding or lying - no getting worried I won't be able to smoke and hopeful - when I smoke I pretty much focus on when I will get my next cigarette. What a waste of time. 

Next assignment - A plan and a quit date. How do I plan to get through the first few days, weeks what will I do when the cravings are the only thing I can think of.