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For my fellow patch people..   Quit Support

Started 6/7/20 by Elizaquits; 3467 views.

From: Elizaquits


Ciao Peggy!

Happy 4th! Sorry for my delayed response, Somehow I still lose track of posts on here.. 

Congratulations!! How are you feeling?!  I stopped using them on a Friday so I would have the weekend to get acclimated. I saved the last two for the start of the work week, just in case I panicked or something - but I didn't! I hope you have an easy time as well :) I will admit, I have a handful of 2mg gum that I take with me everywhere (just in case). I have yet to chew a piece, but I feel more confident knowing I have it if I need. That and I have started bringing lifesavers in the car and when I visit with my friends who still smoke. I hope to stop that, they are so tasty but have a good amount of unnecessary sugar in them.. and I eat a few when I do so.. lol :)  Do you have anything like that to keep "busy"? 

Love gratitude! I actually keep a gratitude journal where each day I jot down 3 things I am grateful for. I really enjoy it because after doing it for a while, I feel like you start to look for things throughout the day, which in turn, keeps you in what I would like to think is a perpetual state of appreciation. For example, I am forever be thankful for this forum and for the people like you who have made quitting smoking a much more pleasant time! :) 

I have more thoughts on this but need to get ready for a small, social distanced bbq!

Hope you have a great day, talk soon!


From: euknight


Hi Eliza,

How was your bbq?  I decided not to go to mine. It’s all good!

Really good ideas about bringing that stuff with you when visiting.  Duh.  Yes I have some sugar free cinnamon candies....I am a cinnamon freak...I put it in everything...every cup of coffee.  I like Mexican cinnamon the best.  In fact a cinnamon roll sounds wonderful right now!!  Lol...no.

I also am using Ricola Honey Lemon cough drops.  Like these a lot.  But I must say they are both great if you remember to use them!!!  That’s the catch!!

I have not told y’all yet that I have had headaches for several days since I stopped the patches.  My neighbor mentioned maybe it could be the no nicotine.  She might be right.  Took an allergy pill and no relief and they usually work fast. So?  So what I say.  I’ll get over it.

Thanks for the lozenge reminder.  I am trying right now to open one!!!  Lol

I love that you keep a gratitude journal!!  It sooooo works!

Have a beautiful smoke free day!!