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Lung Cancer   One Year and Beyond Milestones

Started 6/13/20 by skythrutrees; 7323 views.

From: livtoswim


Hello fellow Portlander

Details - Now is great.  I feel so good.  It's all good.   What clicked was a geographic.  I needed to get out of Boise ID for a little bit. It feels like everyone smokes in Boise.  I thought it would be a good idea to visit my Bro and my best pals in San Francisco and detox here.  Smoking is not exceptaple in California.  I didn't see anyone smoking. I am sure people do smoke but it's taboo.They are hiding in the shadows.  My brother is a health nut.  This is a good place to detox.   Here for 4 more days then home to idaho.  It's not bad. Less stressful and affordable than crazy expensive California.  Upside is that I can visit WAHOO. 

How are you doing? Looks like your still a Delphi Forum neighbor. That's great to see familiar faces.  It's good for the chronic lapsers like me. Never give up. 

 Also, I would never get on one of those scooters. I would fall on my face straight away.  Hugs D 

Hi Mike -

Sorry to hear about your diagnoses.

You'll be in my thoughts & prayers

Best - Steve


From: skythrutrees


Thanks Steve. Immunotherapy is amazing. My last PET scan showed progress with hot spots greatly reduced in the infected area. There's not a spat of side effects from the infusions either. 


From: Eve1973


That’s fantastic! I hope you are one of the lucky ones with no side effects! 


From: Loreficent


Mike! So good to see you!

Sounds like things are rolling along ok, I’m very glad to hear this. How is Fall down there by you?
Been reading about ANWR. Not very happy about these BS shenanigans. Not a legacy I’d be proud of for sure.

Hope you’re able to get out some. With good mask and distance only of course, but a little time outside every day is the best medicine. 

How many more infusions do you have? So glad no adverse side effects. Stay well down there! blush


From: skythrutrees


Hi Lori,

Today's my third anniversary quit date! I've had nine infusions, one every three weeks, and will continue as long as there are any hot spots on the PET scans. It's more a matter of control than cure, though a few go into remission and some are still alive after five years of continual treatment with immunotherapy. 

The weather is lovely in Florida, finally. I did some filming this morning. We have a beautiful view of a golf course across the street, and I can go there anytime always on the fringes. They spent six months a few years ago reworking the land with streams running through it and a pond with various birds like ducks and egrets.

Hopefully, the ANWR suits will hold them back, and shortly we'll have an environmentally friendly administration to stop it.

I'm catching up on things I had to ignore when I was so sick like car repairs, dental work, etc. It does take forever to get anything done in the pandemic though.

Thank goodness for streaming media. I've watched tons of great movies and have just begun writing poetry again. Shakespeare has me captivated now. I watched a documentary on his life as well as Romeo and Juliet, so, so beautiful and sad. I tried my hand at writing a sonnet and will persist to find out if I have it in me!

All my best!