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Started Jul-2 by ModMarge (slowblumer); 675 views.

Good Morning/Evening Everyone.

We are  a very close-knit group here - we share a bond that only people who are recovering from an addiction can truly appreciate. Of course we feel an investment in the success of members. 

That investment in other's success is closely linked to our own. It can be intimidating and stressful to see others falter. It can also be tough not to judge when we're so heavily involved. There are times when We are on sensitive ground for a good part of the first year. This forum must be a safe haven where we can learn how to overcome this addiction while we vent, share our discomforts, laugh, and distract ourselves.

It must be a place where it's safe to fall down and get back up - however many times it takes.  And it needs to be a place that, within reason, allows us to move through this process with as much freedom of expression as possible.

However, it is not our role to criticize others.  This forum is intended to be non-judgmental.  Please be mindful of this in your interactions with one another.


From: euknight


Amen to that, Marge.

Thank you and so beautifully worded!




From: Loreficent


Thank you Marge for that support.

I will say, having been one who has faltered, it is heartening to know that I can come back here and feel the welcome open arms of my Forum Family. Many folks live with a form of criticism when they stumble, first and usually from beating ourselves up, and often from friends and family who’s support has been eroded because of our slip. This place is so wonderful and special in that I always know I can come back here and be honest and folks get it and accept and forgive. In our world today these attributes are sorely lacking and we all are in dire need of being able to know that we can walk in the grace of others, if not anywhere else, at least here. 
I will also say, having faltered, it does take guts to come here and tell about it and process it! Whoever stumbles, please...please never be ashamed or afraid to come here and process that out. It truly helps. 
We all want to be a person who can just let this gnarly addiction go easily...but we are all not that blessed. May we at least hold out our hands to each other always to those trying and help ease their way.

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From: Loreficent


That is a valid question. It is one I don’t know there is a definite answer to that fits each individual. Perhaps the answer is most important to the individual and what keeps them motivated? I do understand it must be hard for those who have been able to stay on the path without faltering to see folks who stumble several times stick with their original date. It likely feels like a bit of invalidation for them as they have worked so hard to stay the course and earn that naming of the original date and time marker. I think though, when someone stumbles and wants to continue marking their time with their original date, it is a sign they are still committed and trying very hard and have not given up on themselves, which is ultimately the most most important aspect of the journey, yes? I think this is where the grace and acceptance comes in with each other. The most important thing is we stay supportive of each other and recognize that time in and of itself is really relative. For some, the clock just keeps going, and for some it starts over. For some it never stopped and those are the ones we all admire and aspire to be, and that is why we keep getting back up.

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From: JerseyDee


Well said Lori :)

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