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8 days smoke free   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Jul-8 by Lyney; 2382 views.

From: arlcruise


I am also cold turkey. Irony is I see it being harder and even more strength needed to go with aids. Time is part of, if not he biggest part of the battle. 

I think it is harder to go cold turkey in the beginning but quitters on NRTs still have to get off nicotine later and a lot find it difficult. The first 2 weeks were HELL for me but I was glad I kicked ol' Nick to the curb early. I did not want NRTs...I wanted to be done with withdrawal as soon as possible. 

Stay the course. Drink ice water with a straw (it really does help and work!!). And just don't smoke TODAY. You are a warrior on the battlefield. Don't forget that. Fight to win. Nicodemon does not play and will not let us go without a battle. I REFUSED to let Nick win. He kept hanging around and showing up for awhile. I had to keep kicking his butt when he showed up. He is waiting in the wings for all quitters who don't beat him down as soon as he shows up. Don't let him hang around or he will get you. FIGHT for your Freedom and Life.

Good Luck. I have 2 years FREEDOM and JOY tomorrow.


Freedom and Smoke-free since 29 July 2018...How Sweet it is!sunflower


From: overdoz


hows it going

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From: xvaper


I also quit June 30th! 38 days. How is it going for you?


From: Nope62



     I hope you are doing well! Sorry about being so long getting back to you. I was on vacation for a week. I lost another quit of 13 days about two weeks ago. I still come back here and read the posts almost daily. I would have never believed how hard this is to do. Cigarettes have been so much a part of my life for the last 48 years that I can't undo the addiction that's ingrained in my very being.

     To tell you the truth I'm worn out from quitting. I've quit 6 times this year for a total of over 90 days. 30 days was my longest. But I never quit thinking about quitting. This journey started on New years day and I've never quit trying. I'm gearing up to give it another try soon.

     I've got to get my mind right. I've read tons of information, watched videos until I'm sick of them. it all comes down to my commitment to quit!

  How have you been getting along with your current quit? From reading your posts I know you have also lost a few.

Take Care!

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From: Lyney


Hi Jeff,

I'm sorry to hear that you're back to smoking. You're right it is really hard to quit but a lot of the advice you can find here in the forum is very helpful. I'm on day 54 of my quit and keeping it up, I haven't given in to one puff. Here are the tips that I have been using to help me out, hopefully it'll help you out too:

  • Nope: not one puff ever (I actually spent the first month saying nope, not today and then the next day nope not today)
  • Take it one day at a time
  • I used NRT gum for the first month to take the edge off and get me used to not smoking
  • After one month I quit the NRTs while gradually decreasing the number of gums in a day and within a week I stopped
  • After the NRTs I switched to peppermint gum, spearmint gum and cinnamon gum
  • When I get a craving I breathe deeply, chew gum, drink water with mint chlorophyl in it and get some fresh air when I'm able to
  • Taking the advice found on this forum I started a journal with all of the reasons why I wanted to quit smoking and then just keeping track of how I was doing, what I was learning, taking note of new helpful tricks (like chewing on a straw) and I go back and read it from time to time. I don't write in it every day but often enough to keep track of my progress and also to vent my frustrations
  • Every once in a while I reread my journal and remember the struggle and and proud of where I'm at
  • I read and reread many of the articles on this site and elsewhere
  • I cleaned my car and made it smell really nice
  • I have been using eucalyptus on my sheets, I love the smell and it also seems to help with the cravings
  • I come here and share with you and others that are struggling like we are

You're a trooper Jeff, don't ever give up trying and you will get there. You're right, I too quit and restarted many times over the years. I understand that I'm a cigarette/nicotene addict and I'll always be vulnerable but today I'm smoke free because I chose to be and although quitting is really tough, it's easier today than it was at the beginning and I'm confident that one day I won't have the psychological cravings that still seem to hit me from time to time.

Gather up that courage that I know you have and chose your quit date. You can do it, you've done it before and you can do it again, for good!

Take care,


From: Lyney


I somehow missed your post, sorry. That's great we're same-day-quit-buddies! We're just about to celebrate our 2 month milestone, it's really exciting!

My quit is going well, I have ups and downs but for the most part it's getting easier with a really hard day from time to time. The interesting thing is that by now the nicotene is completely out of my body but there are some days I swear I feel like I'm having very strong physical withdrawal symptoms. It's a part of my psychological withdrawal that mimics the physical side really well.

Otherwise, I'm really pleased with my progress. I'm thoroughly enjoying my rediscovered sense of smell, of all the benefits I think this is the one I'm enjoying the most. It's great!

How about you?

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From: xvaper


I am doing ok so far, The physical withdrawals took 2 weeks. I felt terrible. Mine was a little more complicated a situation in that I was vaping too. I started vaping 6 years ago so that I don't smoke and of course the result was that I was vaping away all day long. Turns out I was getting a pack a day worth of nicotine out of that vaping fluid. Of course I still smoked cigarettes if I was socializing with smokers, but I wasn't buying  them. 

So it was hard at first, the cravings were intense. Now its a lot less, but I realized it would not be hard for me to falter. The vaping equipment is all thrown out, but the minute something stressful happens I am not 100% sure that I will not reach for a cigarette. It's vary prevalent amongst my friends. Currently I have no problem watching someone smoking, the cravings have subsided, and I felt pretty good, but the other day an airbnb guest left a pack with a few cigarettes in it, and It took all of me to throw them into the toilette really quick because one more second and I would have smoked them. So I realized how fragile this quit is.

So here I am, I made it this far.  I am feeling fine, but its only the beginning...

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From: Anne2020


Well done at 2 months.  Are you a cold turkey quitter or are you using NRT's.  

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From: Nope62



    Thanks for all the encouragement and advice! I haven't been on here for awhile, but I am gearing up for another quit. It will be my seventh try this calendar year. My last tree quits have been cold turkey. The longest one for 30 days. I am considering using an NRT this time. I've used the patch before several times and that will be what I use this time also, if I go that way.

I'm very Happy that you have been able to hold on to your quit! That's great!

Take Care!