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24 - 72 hours   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started 7/19/20 by TARDISgirl11; 1399 views.

From: Loreficent


Hey there X!

Oh, 45 days is fantastic!! Congrats!

Just got home. Portland is HOT! Got up to 100 here today, and my house is 91. Ugh. Sun going down soon and hopefully with window fans it will cool off a bit to sleep. Fortunately it doesn’t get that hot here too much...but when it it does...ugh. This is a pretty old house, no AC. That’s not very common here, not even all the new construction has it. Wish I had Peggy’s pool right now! Other than that, PDX seems to be ok. It’s early Saturday though, so we’ll see. I’m home for the night as I work again at 7am. Supposed to be a scorcher again...

That’s funny your friend went from Lorelei to Lori. I actually changed it legally in my 20s, and now regret it. Still have the Ex’s last name too and am wanting to drop that...after 14 years divorced,Lol! Not sure why I took it to begin with...? Then everyone told me how “confusing “ it would be for daughter to have her parents with different names, so I just left it. That doesn’t bother me as much as my regret on the first name really. My Mom had chosen it...I kind of look at last names as they aren’t really ours anyway, usually our Father’s.  I love the hyphenated way Hispanic culture does it to honor both lines. And my Father was definitely a very good man, so it’s not that at all. Anyway...rambling. So why did your friend go with Lori? Does she ever use the full name? I think when I do change it back I will use Lore. Suits my rambling, haha! My siblings still call me that, as did my folks till they passed. But mostly...it’s about my Mom whom I miss dearly. Such a pain to change everything though. 
Aunt is back in CA. She is sick actually and has been progressively worse and went to the ER last night there. They did another test on her but no results yet. So, maybe Covid..? Seems most who get it take a turn down between day 7-10 so the timing is right. I feel bad as she is alone there. She is still smoking a lot of weed though...so...I’m sure that isn’t gonna help the lungs any. Tried to talk about it on phone last night but she has a huge amount of denial on it. 
My craves were a lot better today. Didn’t think about it at all till after work, and then just wanted to be in car with the AC. Turned up the music and forgot about it. I think they were strong for a few days after she left as I felt, and feel there is a fair amount to process still. But...better. I do not want to feed the addict constantly and certainly don’t want to lose the gains I’ve made physically! So...I just watch them come and go. Let my mind wander to other useless stuff. 
That trip you have planned sounds great! Do you think you’ll do ok around the smoke? I think you CAN  for sure. Makes it a bit of a challenge but you strike me as someone who can rise to that and say “bugger off” pretty easily. I think it isn’t just being around it, it is who the person is too. It didn’t bother me a lot to be around my piano teacher when he smoked after our lesson, but it would have bothered me a ton to be at my house with it. Or to have someone here smoking like if Georgie had not been quit. But yes, you should go on the trip. We all need R&R. I think if you really set your mind to not wanting to start the process over, you will be fine. 
Ok...time to go finish some work stuff and maybe short walk. Love going on the warmest nights. All the smells...and now, the crickets too. Mmmmm.

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From: xvaper


Oh Dear, no AC? I just shelled $1500 to fix my ac. Can't live without it. I made such declarations about quitting, I think it would be very embarrassing to take one in front of my friend and I am pretty sure she would not give me one anyways, I would have to go but it.

I know too many smokers I cannot avoid them. I think you think I am stronger than I am..I hope I will pass the test, but I am being optimistic. Which is more than I can say about the Post office. Anyyyhoooooo, I hope Georgie will be ok. I hope to hear more Georgie stories when you get the chance.

My friend never changed her name legally but everyone calls her Lori.

Rainy day here. Which is OK with me.