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24 - 72 hours   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started 7/19/20 by TARDISgirl11; 1302 views.

From: Nope62


That's Great! You should be proud! Keep up the good work!



From: Lyney


You should be proud, 80 hours is great! My first 10 days were really hard, I felt like I was in a dense fog but it lifted. I'm on day 23 and feel much better now but like you I'm taking it one step at a time. Great job, keep saying NOPE!


From: Jokelli



I wanted to give you such kudos for your kind and encouraging words. I am a Registered Nurse and a baccalaureate student and I wanted to try to learn some about smoking habits and how to help my patients get through their day to day. The encouraging words that I have seen here are so helpful. Quitting smoking is hard, I quit myself about 12 years ago, of course living in a cold winter climate makes it that much less appealing to go outside to smoke. I want to soak up your thoughts and wisdoms along with needs for when you are going through this difficult process. 

Thank you for letting join in!


From: TinyBadger


Well, thanks! I'm not really a sciencey kinda gal, but I am on day 43 and feel like when I cheer for other people, I'm cheering for me. Quitting smoking is incredibly hard, as you may have read here. But I know with support and learning as much as we can about addiction, because truthfully, we are all addicts, we can beat this thing. We talk about junkie thinking, and isn't it amazing to learn about how our brain works?


From: Jokelli


You are very welcome! Congratulations on making it to day 43, that is not easy. I think you are right, when you are helping to cheer on others you are also cheering on yourself. Support is so important when you are making a big life change which is what quitting smoking is. It is a lifestyle change and a huge one. Keep doing what you are doing, you are an inspiration to so many others, I can tell!  

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From: Jokelli


Keep going Lyney! You are doing an amazing job!! Do you have any tips or tricks to help others get to the same point you are at ? 


From: TARDISgirl11


Hey guys,

I've made it 24 days without any nicotine!! I'm so happy. Should probably change the name of the thread. Got back from Iowa on Friday, don't even feel like smoking anymore :D


From: TinyBadger


Good for you! You're doing a great job and I know you can keep going. Don't get complacent...you might get another urge sometime so be on your guard. But in the meantime, celebrate and do something to reward yourself. This is a big deal and don't you forget it! I'm very proud of your progress! 


From: xvaper


Wow, 24 hours is so impressive, I know it was for me, I did not think I would make it one evening. Day 43 for me! can you believe?


From: Loreficent


Hey Lady! How are you? Hope all is well...hope some giant tree hasn’t taken you out!!! You didn’t get dragged into some van did you?