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To patch or turkey.   Quit Support

Started Jul-25 by arlcruise; 765 views.

From: arlcruise


I hesitate to post this, but my instincts say do it. I am only day 29 quit, so I am by no means an authority on success. However. I absolutely believe that the highest probability to stay successfully quit is with no aids. Think about the strain, struggle and fight that you go through. Why double it. Why add to the potential torture. If continuing nicotine works for you, I ask your forgiveness. But I say slay all foes as fast as possible to get out of the trenches.


From: Nope62


Congratulations on being a month quit!

   I respectfully don't agree. I know too many people who have built strong long term quits using other methods than cold turkey. Some people can't quit cold turkey, but they might be able to quit by breaking the physical habits first and then attacking the mental addiction to nicotine. A divide and conquer approach!

   For most of people quitting smoking is a very hard thing to do. How they do it doesn't really matter, as long as they do it. It would be nice if every Smoker could quit in the way you suggest, but many can't. This nicotine addiction is a mental deal all the way!  Only 7.2 % of quitters can stay quit for a year or more regardless of the method used to quit.

   I wish you luck with your quit!

Take Care!

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From: arlcruise


Thank you for sharing. Wow, 7% rate is sad. It is very, very difficult for me, but I am convinced (for me), that the longer it goes on the easier it is to weaken. I only shared this in the hopes that some who uses aids and relapses, maybe see, that maybe CT is the route. For sure how anyone can get to non smoking is all that matters, and I pray for others like me going down this battle road. I honestly think the nicotine part can be passed in days. The psyche part is the battle.

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From: arlcruise


wish you could edit here. 3rd sentence remove "that to"


From: Lyney


I agree with Jeff that it doesn't matter how you do it just as long as you do it. I'm using gum to help me through and it does take the edge off while I strengthen my quit on a psychological level. I will stop the NRTs when I feel ready to wean myself off of them.

It's great if cold turkey works for you, keep it up you've got this!

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From: arlcruise


I agree with both of you, no matter how you get there, getting there that is all that counts. 

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From: Lubbercat


I have to agree with Jeff and Lyney that it really is what is best for each person. 

I quit before for over 2 years and had long since been off the patches when I started smoking again.  I am using patches again and admitted, it has it's downfalls.  Every time I step down on the patches, I have a little edginess but, mostly I can get over the every day, constant mental addiction of smoking before I ever go off the patches and rid my body of the nicotine.

Good luck on your quit.


From: overdoz


yeah i had a friend do that years ago, he just quit one day cold turkey. I think it takes a real special kind of person to do that. It can be done though i have witnessed it.


From: Anne2020


I am with you - arlcruise.  I quit cold turkey almost 7 months ago and found it to be quick and easy.  

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From: xvaper


I am day 29 too!

I quit cold turkey. Had a couple of puffs two days ago and felt sick, threw it away. I think being off the stuff for almost a month made it easier to experience smoking as disgusting. I know if I try to smoke  again I will 'get used' to it, just to get my nicotine fix, so I have to be vigilant. The majority successful quitters I know have quit cold turkey, but every person is different, whatever works, as long as you can stay off that stick of death.