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Small patch struggle   Quit Support

Started 7/25/20 by TinyBadger; 1363 views.

From: TinyBadger


I'm having a bit of a tough day. I started the smallest patch today, and boy, there is a difference. I am using my usual tricks: straws, car rides, long walks, crafts, etc. And I'm still yearning. It's almost like being hungry but I'm not hungry. It's very hard to describe, but it's almost like I'm stir-crazy. It's day 45 and this has been the hardest day of my quit. Any thoughts from other nrt users? Anthony, is it you that is using patches?

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From: Jatchat


Yes Tiny I am using 14 mg patches, when I tried the 7 mg patch it was to much for me the cravings led to my downfall. You're a brave person trying the 7 mg, if in doubt or danger of losing you're quit go back to 14 mg.

Kind regards



From: TinyBadger


I was kind of thinking that too. I'm so scared, I am glad you're here and understand. 


From: Loreficent


Ok Tiny...just saw this before I head out to that Agave, also know as my friend John.

You are ok. I went through that too. It happened both times I stepped down on the dose. So...it is also ok to stick with the 14mg longer. In the long run grand scheme...just do that and not smoke. We are all different and you need to do what works for you. If 14mg is better for right now, THAT’s OK!!  Yes it is nicotine...but it is a far cry from all of the other stuff that smoking is and it is not worth compromising your quit. Slap a 14 on and carry on for now. 
You got this friend. You really do. Just keep going. We are here with you!

Also...the brand patch is designed to be used for 10 weeks; 6 at 21, 2 at 14, and 2 at 7mg. So...either supplement your 7mg patch with a lozenge or gum if needed or go back to 14mg. Either way and whatever works for YOU is just fine. Don’t be afraid. Smoking is way more to be afraid of.

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From: Nope62


 HI! I am very proud of how long you have been quit!

I totally agree with Loreficent's post above me! Take the pressure off yourself and use the 14mg patches for another two weeks! Then try stepping down again. Your quit should be stronger at that point. I know many people who have built solid quits using patches. I also know we are supposed to use them as directed. But everyone's quit is different! Take Care!


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From: Elizaquits



I am sorry to hear that! A couple people mentioned that when they dropped down to 7mg. I personally felt the difference between 21mg and 14mg - when I did, I used the gum for the first day or two as needed. I get what you mean about being hungry but not hungry, it is a growing, lingering feeling. For me, it felt like the beginning of an anxiety attack or something. 

Give it a day or two if you can, and if you still feel that way, go back up to the 14mg like Lore said. It is better to go back up, than it is to go back to smoking!

Also, I can't believe you are on day 45 - way to go!!! That is amazing!


From: euknight


Hey Tiny,

Just saw this.  How are you doing today???.

Am in total agreement with the feedback about going back up to 14s for awhile.  Since this is a forever quit, it is all time well spent being smoke free.  Were you able to get some more and start?

I was shaky after finishing the 7’s.  Took a few weeks.  Please let us know how you are!!,




From: TinyBadger


So today is a little better, but I don't feel as perky as usual. I thought I'd give the 7 s a couple of days to see how it goes because I'm home under the supervision of my husband. I took a long walk with the dogs and have been cleaning house to stay busy. If I veg, the cravings are worse. I'm really torn at this point because I REALLY want to get off the patches, but I don't want to push it and go back to square one. I have lost about 12 lbs since quitting. It's most likely because I have given up pop and started taking longer walks because now I can breathe. I've also been walking everywhere instead of driving. I'm afraid that if I get too ancy I'm going to eat myself silly or worse yet, have a cigarette. I'm trying so hard to change my life, and the thought of losing it all is so saddening. I am very aware that quitting comes before weight loss, but I'm not actively trying to lose weight, just be healthier and snack better. The weight loss has been an added benefit, not a goal. I figure if today goes ok, I'll keep with the 7. I did buy some 14s just in case, though. I'm just going to play it by ear. I'm still pretty scared, though.


From: Lubbercat


Sounds like you are through the worst part of this.  I have used patches on a previous quit and am using them again on this quit.  I did before notice some edginess whenever I stepped down on the patches last time.  I am getting ready to step down from the 14 mg to the 7 mg patches here sometime this week (I am on day 19).  I am doing this but have some 14 mg on hand in case it gets to bad, I can always switch back.  My doctor actually told me, even when I am completely off of them, to keep some on hand in case I would ever need them rather then to ever pick up a smoke again!

Good luck!