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NOPE Pledge Sunday 26th July 2020   General Chit-Chat

Started Jul-26 by Jatchat; 339 views.

From: Jatchat


I will kick off this Sunday with a great big fat NOPE, and invite others to join me.

Kind regards



From: Eve1973


Gm Anthony, 

I will join you in pledging NOPE! Hope you are doing well! Hopefully others will join us in saying NOPE to the Nicodemon! 

 Cheers Eve


From: Ovivi


Hi Eve,

I pledge NOPE today with great pleasure.
I invite others to join us.

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From: kittymom413


Hi there, Ovivi,

Thank you for the invitation, I'll gratefully join you to pledge NOPE today & I'll reach out my hand to anyone that wants to join us...

Have a wonderful smoke free day, everybody,

Kitty cat


From: TinyBadger


Kitty, I'll gladly take your hand and pledge nope today. Who will join us?


From: euknight


Hi TB....right there with you today pledging NOPE on this boiling hot and humid Texas day!!  Will gladly take the hand of anyone who cares to join!!

Love the picture, Anthony!!!  Has been really fabulous cloud formations here as well!!

Have a wonderful smoke free day folks!!




From: Lyney


I'm with you guys, I pledge NOPE today!

Great pic Anthony!

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From: arlcruise


You are the second pledge today. And I say again...  NOPE all the way. My last real quit/relapse was about 20 years ago. I was completely free. At a bar, a smoke was offered to me, and I thought why not, I will just have one. I had quit, was in control so I must be in a different world now. I had been to Joel's whyquit. Had the "never take another puff" explained to me. I knew it. I made a conscious decision. I knew I did not need that smoke, could easily say no. I remember that so clear. I remember debating in my mind. You can pass on it Andre, why take it. I really was able to pass on it. But I took it. I thought I was different. I clearly remember, even to this day, what happened after that delicious puff, then smoke. That eerie feeling that began to crawl through me. Clear as a bell. The smoke was very pleasurable. As the hour or so went by, OK 1 more. Then the half hour, OK just one. I remember waking up and thinking I can just buy a pack and have 1 a day. Well by days end half were gone. Next day the other half disappeared. Within a few days I was back, full blown. I actually think I increased the amount I smoked per day! Not sure, but pretty sure. I know the NTAP or NOPE. It is real. It is written in stone. It is as guaranteed as the sunrise. It is fact. It happened to me and I will never, ever forget.

Em (EmJ88)

From: Em (EmJ88)


Thank you for sharing that Andre, that's powerful writing. Best wishes, Em


From: arlcruise


Thanks. You know, I read my post again after getting your response. And I was really sad. I realize how so much different my life could be today if I had taken that knowledge of NTAP or NOPE, extremely seriously. We are our own worst enemies. My hope is someone may read this and not repeat the same, serious, incalculable error. But truth be told I fear most if not all, are like me, and although they have been told, they can only learn for themselves. Sad. 20 years lost.